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Annual Solar Return (Returning clients only)

Birthday to birthday forecasts the trends for the year ahead. This ancient technique hones in on the karmic lessons, Evolutionary Gateways, and other deep soul lessons you will face. It is a different perspective than transits and it is usually what is best to pick around your birthday. This also makes a great gift.

333.00 $250 · 1 hour

Astrocartography - Locational Astrology

Locational Astrology shows you which neighborhoods, cities, and countries have auspicious OR challenging Planetary experiences. Clients can activate these auspicious positions by knowing where they are. Tashi has 50 years of experience in this, and will provide a video and maps!

300 $300 · 1 hour

3 months of Coaching with Tashi

Bi-monthly hour long appointments for three consecutive months. Tashi will go in-depth and compare charts and analyze events during these sessions so that you can identify and overcome patterns that prevent positive co-creation with the universe. Please email Tashi @ to setup this deal and a recurring appointment.

$2,750 · 1 hour

Made to Order Vastu Hanger Based on Your Chart + 15 minute consult with Tashi

A made to order Vastu magnetizer hanger for wellness, love, abundance, fertility, or self-empowerment. This comes with a 15-minute consult with Tashi. Shipping included

$333 · 15 minutes

Tune Up's - Check The Transits!

For ongoing clients, check in for an overview of the week ahead or an important moment in your life. Must be an existing client and had the EA profile so you can co-create your experience. New Moons, Full Moons, Eclipses, Equinoxes, Retrogrades Etc...

Price Varies $250 · 30 minutes

Initial Consultation (For all first time customers)

A soul-refreshing look at your life's big picture. Analysis of your birth chart that reveals your karma, life's purpose, and your soul's desires and needs. This appointment includes an overview of how the planets are affecting your life right now to help you learn about your evolutionary archetypal engagement with the Uni-Verse.

$400 $400 · 1 hour


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