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Lactation Services. We provide In-Home Lactation Support and Counseling for families.
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Our Services

Initial In-Home Visit
- Visit will consist of review of Infant and Parent Health History. - Review of primary concern for visit. - Infant Latch Assessment and Milk Transfer. - A Care Plan based on your Lactation Goals and Babies Needs. (Care Plan can be sent directly to physician with your consent) -Completed Superbill that you can send to your insurance company for reimbursement of services paid. Upon completion of the visit a care plan will given to you and sent to pediatrician.(with your permission) Two weeks of support via secure patient portal, secure messaging, email or phone will be provided.
Follow-Up In-Home Visit
A follow-up visit to review or adjust the initial visit care plan. We will also be able to discuss pumping, returning to work and any additional concerns you may have. Upon completion of the visit a new care plan will be given and/or sent to Pediatrician. Follow-up appointment comes with 1 week of support via secure messaging via patient portal, text messaging, email and phone support.
Online Virtual Consult
1 hour virtual consult. This visit is recommended for parents and babies that have already established a good lactation rhythm, baby is gaining and latching well. This visit can cover milk storage guidelines, return to work, what to do when traveling for work, paced bottle feeding, introducing solids, increasing milk supply, decreasing milk supply if there is an oversupply or if you are ready to wean, clogged ducts or engorgement.
Return to Work/School
Returning to Work or School? - Determine how much milk will be needed for baby? - In this visit we will review your schedule and work out a Pumping Schedule. - Paced Bottle Feeding: What is it and How to do it? -How to talk to your employer about your pumping needs? -Resources on Pumping in the work place and what your employer must provide -How to talk to your Daycare Provider about Breastmilk and feeding baby. Upon completion off the visit you will receive a care plan. You will receive 1 week of support via secure messaging thru patient portal, secure text messaging, emails and phone.
30 Minute Phone Consult
Have a question and not sure if you need a visit? Need some reassurance on breastfeeding and baby? ( If appointment is booked and held within 72 hours following call cost of phone visit will be applied to visit)
In-Home Prenatal Breastfeeding Class
This is a 90-minute Breastfeeding Class in the privacy and comfort of your own home. We will cover: -The benefits of Breastfeeding to both parent and baby. -The importance of skin to skin following delivery. - Discuss your Breastfeeding Goals and Concerns. -Learn about newborn feeding cues. -Latching positions -How to care for your breast and nipples. -We will review common Breastfeeding Myths -How to Deal with a Sleepy Baby.
Breastfeeding Bundle
Get the In-Home Breastfeeding Class, A Well Breastfeeding Vist Follow-Up Visit .

Our Staff

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