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Our Services

Eyebrow Shaping
Brow mapping allows you to reshape you brows to the best look for your personal features. Good for those who haven’t been in in a while or want a new shape.
Eyebrow Maintance
For the routine customer with less than 4 weeks in between from last brow appointment. Keeping the same shape and look. Cleaning up stray hairs.
Lash Makeover
Brow Makeover
Nostril hair removal
Just the hairs around the rim. Quick and easy. No need for dangly annoying nose hair
Ear hair removal
Yes we do that too.
Upper lip
Using sugar or wax upon request. No more embarrassing lip fuzz
Because you’re not a billy goat
Sides of face
Cheek bone, to ear, to chin
Jaw line
Following the jaw bone ear area on down
Full face including brows
Any fuzz you want removed jaw line to forehead
Neck line
Longer lasting shape from behind the head. No more strays from hairline neck area to top of back
For those pesky fly away shoulder area hairs
Underarm sugaring
Upper arm
From elbows to top of shoulders
Lower arm
From elbow to wrist
Full arm
Shoulder to wrist
Wrist to finger tips
Full back
Sugar hair removal from base of neck to belt line
Lower back
Mid back to belt
Center of rib cage to base of neck
Bye bye pesky nipple hair
Chest/ stomach
Base of neck to belt line
Rib area to belt
Happy trail tummy line
Small line from belly button to top of pubic hair line
Removing all hair that would show if you had on a bikini. Trimming included on hair left in middle.
Playboy more than 4 weeks growth
More then 28 days post last visit. Removal of all hair except a narrow strip of hair left top of public bone down labia. No hair left around anus
Playboy maintenance
Returning 28 days or less from last visit. Leaving a small amount of hair from top of pubic bone down labia. All hair on Sides and back side removed
Brazilian more than 4 weeks growth post last treatment
Removing all pubic hair front to back. Can leave a strip or triangle patch if desired. Dare to go bare!
Brazilian Maintenance
For repeat clients with less than 28 days growth since last appointment All pubic hair front to back is removed. Leaving a small strip or triangle in front if desired. Dare to go bare!
Manzilian Sugaring (more than 28 days post last sugaring)
For the male client that hasn't been sugared in over 28 days Removal of all unwanted genital hair (butt crack included)
Manzilian Mantenance
Male Brazilian For regular visits 21-28 days from last visit Removing any unwanted hair in the genital area and butt crack.
Bootie cheek hair removal from belt line to base of cheek.
Knee to pubic line hair removal with sugar or wax
Lower leg
From knee to ankle hair removal
Full leg
Hip to ankle hair removal
Top of foot and furry toes
Skin consultation
Bring in your skin care system. Products and makeup. Let’s look at the toxins and create a better home care regime
Back Facial
Let us reach the tough areas for you. Cleanse, scrub, steam, and extract impurities, includes a light relaxing massage with a healing serum.
Refresher Facial
Short, sweet and to the point. Perfect for those on the go that need a pick me up.
Oily/ Acne Control Facial
Clarify, Lighten and Brighten. To balance oil production, eliminate and control acne blemishes as well as lighten pigmented and scarred areas.
Anti-aging /Hydrating Facial
Anti-age, Hydrate, Firm and Tone. Has your skin had it's vitamins today? Your skin will drink up our specialty hydrating cocktail with all the essential nutrients for a perfect, healthy skin.
An amazing exfoliating treatment that removes up to three layers of dead skin and all unwanted facial hair during the process this advanced treatment includes extractions and needed lightening, hydrating post blading product layering. Instant smooth skin with no downtime.
Customized Facial
Not sure what is right for you? Your Esthetician will customize a treatment that's best for your skin type. This includes a thorough cleanse, exfoliation process with extractions as needed, serums, mask with light neck and shoulder massage and ends with a suitable moisturizer, eye cream application and spf if it is day time. 60 minutes (Cost $87-137 depending on what you and your therapist decide your skin needs)
Osmosis Facial Infusion
A revolutionary professional treatment delivering long term skin benefits. This treatment will increase circulation, boost immunity and skin rejuvenation. A high dose of Vitamin A combined with active ingredients and nutrients penetrate deep into your skin for an immediate transformation. (You will leave with a tan looking skin tone that will absorb over a 6 hour time frame)
Young Living Essential Oil Facial
The ultimate treat! Manage inflammation, eliminate toxins, fight free radicals and achieve new heights of relaxation. Cleanse, tone exfoliate and renew with Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil skin care products. Selected for your specific concerns, creating a vibrance that radiates from within.
VaJa Facial (Yes, just below the belt)
This includes an gentle enzyme with steam or a hot towel used to open the clogged pores. Followed by extractions of unwanted ingrown hairs. We ask you are freshly sugared day of or with in 10 days of last brazilian sugar hair removal treatment.
Raindrop Therapy
A specially designed protocol incorporating massage therapy and essential oils for a highly nutritive and healing experience. Developed by Gary Young founder of Young Living Essential Oils, Raindrop applies a succession of 10 different pure herbal oils, (peppermint, basil, and marjoram to name a few... ) first to the souls of the feet and then to the back/spine for high absorption potential and rapid dispursement of medicine. The oils act to clear away negative energy/impurities, mentally,physically and spiritually, and likewise rebuild damaged cells. The health benefits include but are not limited to boosting immunity, reducing pain and inflammation, reducing stress, emotional clearing, opening respiratory system and balancing blood flow, aiding in healthy nervous system function and digestion… applied with particular massage therapy techniques this healing session has the potential to become your favorite way to relax and detoxify your whole being
Emotional Release Therapy
Using specific points (release and filter points) basics of applied kinesiology, combined with pure healing essential oils. We will Identify the emotion or the feeling (the painful pattern) associated with the points causing dis ease, bringing them into conscious awareness, then move into feeling the other side, the positive emotion( learning the lesson) Shifting the energy from negative to positive. Starting with our amazing sense of Smell (awakening the limbic system of the brain) this is where memory is stored We then combine anointing specific alarm points and guided verbal affirmations. This treatment provides powerful tools to take home. With the intention of healing. Allowing you to move through life with grace and ease. ———————————————————
15 minutes of sugaring
any area that only requires 15 min
30 minutes of sugaring
If you know the time duration of your sugaring and don’t want to add each body area this is an easy way to book 30 minutes
45 minutes of sugaring
For the client who wants more than one area of the body sugared and knows how much time they need
60 minutes of sugaring
For the client who knows their services take 1 hour (please leave a note of what areas you want sugared for the 69 min)
75 minutes of sugaring
Multiple areas for the clients that knows their duration of time needed
Dermaplaning/ Phyto-active Peel
New Treatment addition alert❗️ This combo of dermaplaning/ phytoactive peel leaves your skin smooth, toned and hydrated. Great for those wanting to hit the reset button on skin that has been neglected.

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Raunette Celeste
Raunette Celeste is dedicated to providing each individual she encounters in life with consistent personalized service along with progressive natural remedies to enhance their lives.