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Individual Supervision for Spiritual Directors

50 minute session Sliding scale $55 to $75 based on ability to pay.

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Individual Spiritual Direction Student Rate

$25 for all students. If cost is a concern, please contact me. Select Method of Appointment: In person (currently not available) Via telephone, Face Time or ZOOM Meeting

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Perkins CSD Students

For students in the Practicum experience at Perkins School of Theology.

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Individual Spiritual Direction

Select the method for the meeting. For Fact Time and telephone, please call when you are ready to begin: 214-543-9833. Fee is a sliding scale of $40 to $60 per 50 min. session based on ability to pay. Clergy rate is $50.

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TIM Supervision via phone or ZOOM Meeting

50 minutes.. Please designate your preference of phone or ZOOM Meeting. Send your CRF one week prior to the appointment. You will initiate the call to 214-543-9833 or I will set up the ZOOM meeting. Please have a printed copy of your CRF in front of you.

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Consultation Via Telephone

Select the method of meeting time. For Face Time and Via Telephone, please call Dr. Smith when you are ready to begin. For ZOOM, Dr. Smith will send a link for the meeting.

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Group Supervision for Spiritual Directors

Group facilitated peer supervision Six session for $100 Minimum of 4 participants per group Maximum of 6 participants per group

$100 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Group Spiritual Direction

Call Us · 1 hour 30 minutes

Rev. Lil Smith