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Initial Consultation

This is a 30-minute FREE consultation to listen about your life challenges and understand your purpose to come for coaching/counselling. We'll share our approach to the coaching/counselling therapy sessions. We'll support you in whatever way we can to work on your healing process.

Free · 30 minutes

Integrative Wellness Counseling

Integrative Consciousness therapy is the adaptation of various psychotherapies, psycho-socio-education, traditional yoga practices for physical, mental and emotional health challenges. We recommend specific regimens of self-reflection, breathing exercises, Contemplation, and relaxation techniques to suit the individual needs.

$150 · 1 hour

Therapeutic Energy Balancing Session

Using Integrative Therapy, we work on the various energies to change the polarities and bring balance to the individual's energy system. Balancing your chakras and other energies will help the individual to remove the energy blocks in the mind and body. The therapeutic session will help you find yourself in perfect alignment, integration, and flow with your true nature.

$150 · 1 hour

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is not just developing some skills to deal with your employees or staff members. The session will help you learn some soft skills to help Executives, CEOs, and Senior Managers to improve challenges in communication, conflict management, lack of focus, concentration and guiding the team members.

$150 · 1 hour

Integrative Wellness Counselling - 4 Sessions

We provide customized guidance with traditional tools based on Yoga philosophy, meditation and other practices that will help you discover the cause(s) of your challenges and adversity, and the tools needed to overcome them.

$500 · 1 hour

Integrative Wellness Counselling - 8 Sessions

Trained Monk, counsellor and life coach, Sri Madhu Sai's style can be described as tender, confident, down to earth, realistic, relaxed & commonsensical. With over 20 years of counselling and teaching experience, Madhu Sai specializes in: ​ Developing Interpersonal Skills for Youth and Teenagers Women Empowerment Mastering Soft Skills for employers, executives, and employees Releasing Emotional Addictions Conflict Resolution and Healing Relationships through effective communication Therapeutic Chakras (Energy) balancing ​ Madhu Sai will guide you through reflection, healing and learning about your Self so that you can achieve greater personal success and fullness of life.

$1,000 · 1 hour

Teens Counseling

Being a Teen can sometimes be daunting; sometimes there is confusion, a feeling that no one gets them, constantly seeking a new identity to fit in with their peers, and finding ways to explore themselves. Our intention is to provide supportive tools to help them discover themselves in a healthy manner.

$150 · 1 hour

Conscious Parenting

Mothers and To be mothers will benefit from learning about how to relate to your child at an early stage of childhood. Knowing how to listen and understand your baby will help you build a right relationship with your child.

$150 · 1 hour

Couples Counseling

Are you tired of constantly fighting with your partner? Or do you feel that something has to shift for you to stay in your relationship? Knowing the right tools can help you to shift your relationship back in the direction of healing. Whether your relationship is in serious trouble or just need a "tune-up", Sri Madhu Sai will help guide you to a fuller, happier and more peaceful relationship.

$225 · 1 hour

Madhu Sai - Certified Yoga Therapist

Sri Madhu Sai is a trained monk with over 22 years of strong interpersonal and leadership skills. He teaches and practices Amanaska Yoga, Ayurveda, and Vedic Astrology, and offers private counselling sessions that will change your life.