Down2Earth Natural Hair Salon

Down2Earth Salon is a Holistic Care Salon specializing in Natural Loose & Loc'd Hair (All Hair types). Call today for Consultation for Hair Guidance, Encouragement, Growth & Regimen Planning or Just to express your Journey!
1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
10:30 AM - 6:30 PM
10:30 AM - 6:30 PM
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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Our Services

Micro Locs
20 Foils Highlights/End of Locs
Box Braids (Waist Length)
Split Ends Treatment
Dreadlock Extensions
Cancellation Fee
Japanese Reconditioning Treatment
Havanna/Marley Twists (Bra Length)
Faux Locs (Bra Length)
Split End Treatment
Faux Locs (Shoulder Length)
10 Foils Highlight/End of Locs
Faux Locs Retouch
Monat Shampoo Treatment
Includes Deep Conditioner **Natural Growth Treatment
Micro Loc Extension Consultation
Box Braids (Bra Length)
Havanna/Marley Twists (Shoulder Length)
Locs Shampoo & Oil Only
Etae Carmel Treatment
Caucasian Starter Locs
Monat Relaxtion Package
Herbal Tea rinse
Shampoo & Condition Me Only
Natural Hair Consultation
Box Braids (Shoulder Length)
Monday & Tuesday Etae Carmel Treatment | Wash & Flat Iron
Loc Repair
Dreadlock Consultation
Etae Carmel Silk Press
Braid Loc Maintenance
Wash|Deep Condition & Trim
Dominican Blowout
Senegalese Twist (Waist Length)
Loc Pampering
Micro Loc Maintenance
Children Conrows
Flat Twists
Dreadlock Removal
Senegalese Twists Retouch
Brazilian Blowout
12wks Thermal Smoothing Treatment
Loc Trim
Olaplex Treatment
Braid Take Down
Permanent Full Head (1) Color Retouch
Senegalese Twists (Shoulder Length)
Loc Extension Maintenance
Starter locs with Interlocking
Children Interlocking Maintenance
Braiding Sew for Sew-in Only
Child Twists
Box Braids Retouch
Havanna/Marley Twists Retouch
Senegalese Twist (Bra Length)
Individual Braids
Kinky Twists
Two Strand Twists
Loc Cut Off
Semi Color Retouch (Roots Only)
Comb Coils
Big Chop
Basic Cornrows Braids (No braiding hair)
Semi Full Head Color
Bantu Knots
Olaplex Treatment
Loc Updos
Children Palm Roll Maintenance
Dreadlock Needle Maintenance
Loose Ends Pampering
Kinky Twists Retouch
Children Starter Locs
Starter Locs
Rinse Full Head Color
Palm Roll Maintenance
Children Box Braids
Interlocking Loc Maintenance
Children Marley Twists
Natural Hair Updo
Two Strand Twists
Designer Cornrows
Loc Braids
Child Etae Carmel Treatment Wash & Flat Iron plus Trim
Permanent Full Head (1) Color
Loose Ends Trim
Hair Cuts
Wash & Rollerset
Hair Cut
Braid Special
Medium-Large Box Braids
Passion Twists Special

Our Staff

Jamellia Canady
Jamellia has been in business since 2008 Originally started in Corpus Christi & Houston, TX as a mobile stylist than later relocated to Tulsa, OK in 2011 and opened Down2Earth Natural Hair Salon in 2012.