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4A Personalized Virtual Shopping via Zoom

Free · 30 minutes

In Store Shopping Appointment

The Store to yourself!! Dig through all the updated inventory in a clean, safe environment. We have adapted to required social distancing and government mandated regulations during this time. If you are able to wear a face covering of some sort, we are required to encourage you to do so.

$0.01 · 30 minutes

Set up Service Request for Jukebox or Turntable

This appointment will allow dedicated time to discuss a service or repair you are inquiring about. We will ask for photos and description of issues with the unit as well as the town where the unit is located.

$0.01 · 30 minutes

Jukebox Rental Setup

Please provide the date and location you are interested in for the event. We require a 2 week lead time on rental units.

$0.01 · 30 minutes


Kerstin Peterson