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Newbie Lesson

We’ve all got to start somewhere, right? This lesson is your so-called “welcoming” into the sport of kiteboarding. Within the “Newbie Land Lesson,” we focus predominantly on wind theory and learning how to safely set up and fly the kites. Since 80% of kiteboarding is about kite control, we like to use this lesson to ensure that our students can fly the kites with confidence in a controlled manner in all situations. This lesson is a great way to get a feel for the sport and see if it is right for you!

$199 · 2 hours

Newbie Intermediate Lesson

If you have taken our Newbie lesson package (or the equivalent elsewhere), and excited to continue with kiteboarding, then the Newbie Intermediate Lesson is calling your name! We typically start this lesson by reviewing the safety features of the kite, and then get you ready for your first water experience with a full size kite. We fine tune any kite control through the use of our water proof radio helmets. The helmets allow us to provide you with real time coaching while you are transitioning from land to the water with the kite! Your instructor can provide you with constant feedback without the hassle of yelling or dragging behind you. This allows you to accomplish kite skills on your own while still having the knowledge and skills of an instructor right at your side!

$199 · 2 hours

Newbie Advanced

Even the experienced kiters can be a newbie. Whether you’re looking to simply work on your board starts, transitions and going upwind, or you’re looking to add foiling to your kiting skill set this is a private lesson completely customized to you and your goals within the sport. We can help you with anything from the basics to wave riding, big airs, unhooked tricks, and everything in between!

$199 · 2 hours

Go Big Package

The Go Big Package combines both of our Newbie lessons with all 4 hours of instruction at one low price! This lesson is typically split between two days, great for a full weekend of fun with the kites! This package also includes our welcome to kiteboarding goodie bag! By booking now you will be booking your first 2 hours of instruction.

$349 · 2 hours

Pro Package

This package is ideal for the individual who wants to fully dive into the sport. 8 Hours of private instruction at a savings of $200! This time can be used all for one person or split evenly between two individuals. So if you are looking to dive in solo or with a friend this is the package for you! By booking now you are booking your first 2 hours.

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Al Shuton

Al has been kiting for 10 plus years, and teaching kiteboarding for 6. He's a teacher in the classroom by day and kiteboarder on weekends and all summer long! His favorite spots to kite include Maui and Sherman Island.

Carter Thomas

Carter has been hooked on kiteboarding since 2001 and likes teaching as much as riding. Wave riding and boosting big air with some stylish spins are his favorite riding style.


Dylan Murphy

Jesse has been kiteboarding for 9 years. His passion for kiteboarding is only surpassed by his love of teaching the sport. He loves to see the stoke on his student's face after they've mastered a new skill they have been working on!