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CBD Anti-Aging Facial *Sept Special*
You won’t get high from this facial but it will take you to another level. This treatment actively targets discoloration, dark spots, and photo-damage with powerful peptides, Vitamin C, CBD, and antioxidant-packed nutrients. These ingredients will aide in leaving your skin brightened, refreshed, glowing and looking youthful.
Underarm Detox Treatment *Sept Special*
Yes, your underarms can get a treatment too! We will be targeting hyperpigmentation with a thorough cleanse and exfoliation process. Then, high frequency will come in to kill bacteria within the pores and heal clogged pores. I'll also extract any ingrown hairs to keep your underarms looking healthy.
Antioxidant Facial
*It is highly recommended that first-time clients book this treatment since a thorough skin consultation is also performed to determine ideal future treatments. In this service, the client will receive a thorough double-cleanse, exfoliation mask, light extractions (if needed), and a hydrating enzyme mask or restorative clay mask, depending on client’s needs. This facial will conclude with a Super Greens hydrojelly mask, a gentle massage and nourishing serums that lighten/brighten the skin and maintain a healthy balance. Ideal for all skin types as well as those with sensitive skin.
Cocoa Dream Facial
If you love the smell of cocoa, prepare to indulge. The Cocoa Dream Treatment is a gentle but effective exfoliation treatment--making it the perfect service before your important event. This treatment uses the power of acids, enzymes, and jojoba beads to remove the dry, dull top layer of skin. Clients skin will leave with brighter, smoother skin. This treatment comes with a complimentary Hydrojelly mask as well. *This service is not recommended for those with a chocolate allergy.
Deep Oxygen Detox Facial
Breathe life back into your skin with this treatment that includes a deep but gentle pore cleanse and oxygen boost. Extractions are also performed on a need basis (including the beard area for men). The treatment will conclude with high frequency, an oxygenating mask and serums to keep your skin radiant and smooth. Ideal for all skin types, especially oily/combination oily as well as those who are acne prone or struggling with low-grade acne.
Hyperpigmentation Facial
Struggling to diminish the appearance of dark spots/post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations and/or even your skin's complexion? This facial uses AHAs to brighten the skin and encourage the development of new, fresh skin.
Freestyle Facial
Do you have skincare goal(s) but are unsure how to reach them? Let me freestyle your treatment to address your individual needs. This service is recommended for pregnant women and individuals with rosacea.
Mock-dermabrasion Facial
Get the benefits of a microdermabrasion treatment without the damage to your capillaries! This facial utilizes corundum crystals to gently remove dead skin cells, blackheads, and clear congested skin. Ideal for all skin types/conditions except for sensitive and inflamed acne.
Peachy Clean Facial
Gentle, noninvasive exfoliation (via epidermal leveling) to remove dead skin cells and allow deeper product penetration. Then, indulge in a gentle enzyme mask and hydrojelly mask to keep your skin feeling smooth and looking bright. Recommended for returning clients who are looking to remove peach fuzz, lighten hyperpigmentation, decrease appearance of fine lines, and have smoother texture.
*ADD ON* Oxygen Boost
Add an oxygen boost to your facial and give your skin extra protection against environmental stressors and acne. Oxygen is known to kill bacteria within the skin and reduce damage caused by free radicals. Ideal for those whose skin goals are to reduce signs of aging as well as prevent the onset of acne.
*ADD ON* CBD Boost
Add a boost of CBD to your facial to increase its anti-aging benefits. Target concerns like: inflammation, wrinkles/fine lines, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, sun damaged/aging skin.
*ADD ON* Epidermal Leveling
Instead of receiving the exfoliation service as part of your desired treatment, swap it out for dermaplaning for some instant gratification. Eliminate peach fuzz and dead skin to reveal smoother, brighter skin.
*ADD ON* Super Greens Strength Hydrojelly Mask
Hydrojelly is rich in electrolytes (which helps prevent dehydration) and protects the skin from dryness and fatigue. The Super Greens Strength mask specifically addresses stressed, aging skin since it's supplemented with micronutrients, flavonoids (phytonutrient found in fruits and vegetables), and antioxidants (compounds that defend cells from free radical damage, or sun damage). Highly recommended add-on for the antioxidant treatment. *Not recommended for those with Celiac disease or a gluten allergy/intolerance. Also not recommended for those who are sensitive to algae.
*ADD ON* Intensive Aftercare Hydrojelly Mask
Hydrojelly is rich in electrolytes (which helps prevent dehydration) and protects the skin from dryness and fatigue. The Intensive Aftercare Hydrojelly mask contains grapeseed extract, pineapple extract, and lavender. These ingredients work together to minimize irritation/inflammation/redness, inhibit bacteria, and protect against free radical damage. Highly recommended if extractions are performed during the service as this mask will soothe the skin and encourage healing as well as minimize the production of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Also recommended if you are naturally prone to redness and/or hyperpigmentation. *If you are allergic/sensitive to pineapple, this add on is not recommended for you.
Keratin Lash Lift + Tint
**If you are booking this with a facial treatment, the lash lift will be performed after treatment as you cannot wet your lashes 24 hours after perming.** This service is an alternative to lash extensions and false strip lashes. The lash lift takes the natural eyelashes and perms them with a J-curl or a C-curl. Lash tint makes the lashes appear darker/thicker. Keratin also protects the lash and encourages healthy growth. Results last up to 8 weeks, so feel free to ditch your eye lash curlers during that time! At the end of the appointment, you will receive a spoolie to comb your brows and keep them looking fresh. Aftercare instructions will be provided as well.
Skin Coach Session
This is your opportunity to bring in all your homecare products and get an esthetician’s point of view about your routine. We will discuss your routine, needs, and pinpoint areas where you are killing it and where we can improve. You’ll also get advice about products as well as lifestyle changes (if possible). This is a great service before your facial as it will make sure your homecare products are in harmony with the results of your future treatment.

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