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Shampoo Services

Relaxed hair: soft style.... Natural Hair: no style... (blow dry if desired)

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Scalp and Hair treamtent are to insure your hair and scalp are at its Healthest. Each treatment aids in the scalp and hair restorations. To make sure the hair and scalp is always Any question please call 803.361.0029

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Quick weave (bonding)

This is bond of hair with glue to achieve the desired style. With minimal leave out. Includes shampoo and deep conditioner. The time and price depends on style and length of hair.

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Custom color, Demi, Grey Enhancers and more

All permanent Colors must call to schedule a consultation 48 hours before there desire appointment day for a color consultation... A color fit just for your Life style and personality. Includes shampoo and a conditioner. Remember once we enter into this verbal agreement, you have have promised to make regular appointments to Maintain the heath and integrity of your hair. (Multiply colors is $20 per additional color), price range depending upon length of hair and technique. Grey Enhancer: This service is added to 85% or more grey clients. For those that want their gray to poop and make a statement... (this is an add on service to any shampoo service)

$25 · 30 minutes

Loc Services

Starter Locs: Must schedule a Consultation 1St appointment is made before a starter Loc appointment is made Loc Maintenance : shampoo and scalp treatment re twist existing locs, most loc retwist start at the price listed but price may increase depending upon the amount, method used to retighten, and length of locs. (The time is just an estimated start to finish) Loc Detox: Is an add an add on to a loc maintenance, the detox removes all build up and residue from the locs ( this is only recommended 3/4 times a year). The price below is for shoulder length locs $40 mid back $50 waist $65 below waist Loc Color: price includes one color & maintenance... $30 each addition.

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interlocking of hair, price depends on style Includes shampoo and deep conditioner. Price of crochets May very depending on the style.

Starting at $150 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Hair cut

This service is done on clean hair only. Anything over a quarter of an inch includes all layers, pixie cuts, bobs and more

$25 · 30 minutes


A consultation offer for all first time clients. And before all loc start ups, loc repairs, installations and quick weaves.

$25 · 20 minutes


Virgin: The service is done on chemical free hair and price could vary depending upon the length of hair. Includes: relaxing anything over a quarter of a inch -post treatment which assist in bring the hair back to a normal PH -shampoo and conditioner -styling including (wrap, roller wrap, bump) Retouch: Is the process of relaxer new growth which is no more quarter of an inch of new growth -with a post treatment which assist in bringing the hair PH back to a normal -Shampoo and condition -styling (wrap, roller wrap, roller set, and bump) Partial Relaxer:This service is added to and shampoo for primarily short cuts (around the edges).

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Natural Hair Services

This is for Non- Relaxed Hair... Includes shampoo and conditioner Silk Press: Is usually done on natural hair or 50% natural client which includes shampoo and deep conditioner. Price may vary depending on length of hair.

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Smoothing Treatment

The service is recommended to any natural hair that would like to wear there hair Straighten or Manageable but does not wait to transition to a chemical. The smoothing Treatment last for at least 20 to 25 shampoos.

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