Cutthroat 19th

Mix of modern and traditional barbershop in the heart of Houston, Texas
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Open today until 4:00 PM

Our Services

Haircut service includes any type of fades or scissor work.
Buzz cut includes one guard all around. NO FADING.
Head Shave
Straight razor shave of head.
Beard Trim
Beard trim service includes using clippers or shears to trim or shape facial hair. Includes straight razor over cheeks only.
Partial Shave
Straight razor shave under neck and around beard line. Includes hot towel service.
Full Shave
Full Shave service includes using pre-shave oils and hot towels to prepare the skin for an old school straight razor shave.
Haircut + Full Shave
Haircut + Beard Trim
Haircut + Partial Shave
Head Shave + Beard Trim
Buzzcut + Beard Trim
Single guard across head and beard trim. NO FADES.
Haircut + Shampoo
Head Shave + Partial Shave
Head Shave + Full Shave
Clean up

Our Staff

Aaron Veloz
Born and raised in El Paso Texas Aaron began his barbering career over 3 years ago after he dropped out of nursing school. He enjoys cutting tight bald fades, slick backs and pompadours. Aaron is a multi-talented barber who is versatile in his haircuts and confident with all different styles and textures. He is a kind charismatic person who truly enjoys conversation and learning new techniques to further his craft. Book with Aaron for your next cut!
Brandan L
With over 15 years of experience behind the chair Brandan is an industry veteran. Beginning his career in the salons he made the transition to barbering 6 years ago and never looked back. A Houston native Brandan specializes in all textures and lengths of hair. He can cut anywhere from classic short pompadours to long flowy surfer cuts. Brandan has taught classes for the Aveda, and Paul Mithelle institute. He has also lead and demoed barbering programs for many salons across Houston and New Orleans. Careful with this one, Brandan will make you question everything you think you know about life. (Charges extra for therapy sessions.) Book with Brandan for your next cut!
Estevan Chavez
A fourth generation Houstonian Estevan has been making the city sharp for over 9 years. Anywhere from flat tops, skin fades, mullets, gentlemans cuts and beachy surfer cuts, Estevan can do it all. He is a dedicated worker and father of 4. It is never a bore sitting in his chair So ask yourself, do you just want a haircut or are you looking for a barber and book with Estevan for your next cut
Coming from the salon world, Hannah is well versed in both long and short haircuts. She is a dual licensed barber who has been cutting for 7 years. She loves the barbershop environment and genuinely cares about every client that sits in her chair. She is fun, lighthearted, and has a laugh that is contagious. You are in good hands with Hannah. Book with her for your next cut!
With 3 years barbering under his belt, Jonny is well versed in all styles, long and short. He is a well rounded barber who can achieve just about any look desired. In his free time he enjoys skating, skydiving, and scuba diving. He is pretty much down for any adventure that comes his way. He puts maximum effort and energy in everything he does including your hair. You wont be disappointed. Book with Jonny for your next cut.
Mark Martinez
Raphael has been cutting since he was 16 years old. He joined the cutthroat team roughly 3 years ago and has made his way to becoming one of our most talented yet humble barbers on staff. He enjoys cutting tight fades and beard trims. He also specializes in designs. Detail oriented Rafael takes his time with every cut. Outside of work he enjoys hanging out with his 2 sons and hitting the gym. Book with Rafael for your next cut!
A Houston native Brandy has been cutting for 10+ years. She started barbering after 5 years working in the salon industry. She is well versed in scissor as well as clipper cuts. She has trained and taught for the prestigious Aveda institute here and overseas. Asians love her cause she knows the struggle when it comes to hair. Book with Brandy for your next cut.
cristian olivares
An all around great guy cristian will win you over with his enormous smile. He is a hard working man who loves to cut tight classic skin fades and textured gentlemans cuts as well as beardtrims. Licensed in 2016 Cristian will keep you looking sharp. Clients consistently compliment the way their hair grows out after seeing Cristian. Fun loving and always eager to learn you cant go wrong with a haircut from him. Book with Cristain for your next cut!
vic vazquez
If you are looking for a clean tight fade that is ice cold Vic is your man. He is truly talented at wielding a pair of clippers and his fades are impressive to say the least. Always down to help out his fellow barber, Vic has lead fade classes for the cutthroat staff at both locations. He enjoys cutting skin fades, tapers, edge-ups and trimming big beards. Book with Vic for your next cut!