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Haircut (Please select an option below and continue to find your barber)

Level 1 (Francisco,Anthony, Ashly,Esteban) Level 2 (Vic, Cristian,Mike) Lead Barber (Rafael) Haircut service includes any type of fades or scissor work.

3 Options


Buzz cut includes one guard all around. NO FADING.

2 Options

Head Shave

Straight razor shave of head.

3 Options

Beard Trim

Beard trim service includes using clippers or shears to trim or shape facial hair. Includes straight razor over cheeks only.

3 Options

Partial Shave

Straight razor shave under neck and around beard line. Includes hot towel service.

3 Options

Full Shave

Full Shave service includes using pre-shave oils and hot towels to prepare the skin for an old school straight razor shave.

3 Options

Haircut + Full Shave

2 Options

Haircut + Beard Trim

3 Options

Haircut + Partial Shave

3 Options

Buzzcut + Beard Trim

Single guard across head and beard trim. NO FADES.

3 Options

Haircut + Shampoo

$42 ยท 35 minutes



Cristian (Level 2 barber)

An all around great guy, Cristian will win you over with his enormous smile. He is a hard working man who loves to cut tight classic skin fades and textured gentlemens cuts as well as beardtrims. Licensed in 2016 Cristian will keep you looking sharp. Clients consistently compliment the way their hair grows out after seeing Cristian. Fun loving and always eager to learn you cant go wrong with a haircut from him. Book with Cristian for your next cut!



Michael (level 2 Barber)

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Michael fell in love with barbering when he was just 14 years old and perfected his craft on his family and friends even before receiving his professional training. Licensed since 2012. He is well-versed cutting all types of hair and textures. Michael particularly enjoys tight fades, tapers, and classic scissor cuts. His obvious passion of the craft and friendly demeanor makes every cut with him a top notch experience. Book with Michael for your next cut!

Rafael (Level 2 barber)

Rafael has been cutting since he was 16 years old. He joined the cutthroat team roughly 4 years ago and has made his way to becoming one of our most talented yet humble barbers on staff. He enjoys cutting tight fades and beard trims. He also specializes in designs. Detail oriented Rafael takes his time with every cut. Book with Rafael for your next cut!

Vic (Level 2 barber)

If you are looking for a clean tight fade that is ice cold Vic is your man. He is truly talented at wielding a pair of clippers and his fades are impressive to say the least. Always down to help out his fellow barber, Vic has lead fade classes for the cutthroat staff at both locations. He enjoys cutting skin fades, tapers, edge-ups and trimming big beards. Book with Vic for your next cut!