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Excel with Me enjoys educating and empowering small business owners to implement and utilize systems and tools to streamline and organize their business so that they can save time and operate their business effectively!
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Our Services

Check in Call
Let's Talk!
Virtual "Coffee" Break!
Let's Talk - and discover how we can work together in the future!!
Virtual Discovery Session
Let's take an opportunity to share about our business's and discover ways to assist one another and Excel Together! Here is the link: https://meet.zoho.com/join?key=6329008191
Client Package: Discovery Session
We will discuss specifically what you are looking to accomplish working with a new system, the challenges facing you and design a solution to meet your needs.
Client Package: Virtual Consultation
Let's Talk! I would love the opportunity to discuss how Excel with Me can assist you. Let's discuss various options that can be implemented to streamline and organize your business!!
Client Package Check In Virtual Call
To keep on task, let's schedule our weekly virtual check in call!
Client Package: Initial Training Session
Now that you are ready to "rock and roll" it's time to schedule your initial training session to ensure that we keep things moving in the right direction!
Client Package: Follow Up Training Session
Now that you have been using your new system, let's set aside a time to check in, follow up and tweak as needed :)

Our Staff

Janet Ickes