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Miyuki will focus on the health of your eyes and lashes, as well as the desired results.
She will choose carefully what type of extensions to apply, depending on the shape, size, and the natural lashes. The eyelash extensions are applied carefully onto your natural lashes one by one, and with just the right amount of glue, so it will not stick to your baby lashes or other extensions, but just enough to give you long lasting results. You will be in good hands with Miyuki!
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Our Services

Volume Eyelash Extensions
Volume eyelash extensions are multiple super fine extensions made into a fan, and applied to 1 natural lash. The extensions are similar to the size of your natural lash or even smaller, therefore creates a natural but voluminous appearance.
Volume Eyelash Extensions Extra
Volume Refill 90 mins
Volume fill 60 mins
Classic Half set
Classic Eyelash Extensions Regular
Classic eyelash extensions Regular set (up to 120)
Classic Extensions Extra full
Book this appointment if you want more than just regular full set but still keep the classic look
Classic Refill
Classic mini fill
Hybrid set
Hybrid fill
Eyelash extensions consult & Patch test

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Miyuki Ogura