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Italian Introductory 1 on 1 class - On-line

Book your first Italian class to make sure you like your teacher and her/his methodology. 1on1 class - New students only.

$50 · 1 hour

Italian - 5 hour package - 1on1 On-line

$375 · 1 hour

Italian 10 hour package - 1on1 On-line

Save money with a package of 10 h Italian classes

$700 · 1 hour

Jessica Cammarata

Hello, I am Jessica, the business owner and one of the Italian teachers. I come from lake Como, Italy but I have been living in Australia since February 2006. My passion for languages and teaching have brought me to open The Language Hub in Sydney in the 2010. I can now call myself lucky to be able to do what I mostly love in life, teach Italian and provide language lessons to all students wanting to learn Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. I love to help people achieving their goals and follow their dreams!