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Italian Introductory 1 on 1 class - On-line

Book your first Italian class to make sure you like your teacher and her/his methodology. 1on1 class - New students only.

$50 · 1 hour

Italian - 5 hour package - 1on1 On-line

$375 · 1 hour

Italian 10 hour package - 1on1 On-line

Save money with a package of 10 h Italian classes

$700 · 1 hour

French Introductory 1on1 class - On-line

Book your first French class to make sure you like your teacher and her/his teaching methodology. 1on1 class - New students only

$50 · 1 hour

French - 5 hour package - 1on1 On-line

A package of 5 hours on 1on1 basis.

$375 · 1 hour

French 10 hour package - 1on1 On-line classes

Save money with a package of 10 hour French classes

$700 · 1 hour

Spanish Introductory class - 1on1 On-line

Spanish 1on1 lessons general class

$50 · 1 hour

Spanish 5 hour package - 1on1 On-line

$375 · 1 hour

Spanish- 10 hour package-1on1 Online

Save money with a package of 10 hours of 1on1 Spanish classes

$700 · 1 hour

Jessica Cammarata

Hello, I am Jessica, the business owner and one of the Italian teachers. I come from lake Como, Italy but I have been living in Australia since February 2006. My passion for languages and teaching have brought me to open The Language Hub in Sydney in the 2010. I can now call myself lucky to be able to do what I mostly love in life, teach Italian and provide language lessons to all students wanting to learn Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. I love to help people achieving their goals and follow their dreams!

Maite Pechereau

Hello, I am Maite, born and raised in France in a bilingual environment (Basque and French), I quickly realised the potential languages offer you to communicate and discover the world. I learnt English, Spanish and Portuguese, became an accredited multi-lingual tour guide and graduated with Alliance Française as a French teacher I have been teaching French in France, Spain and Australia for over 15 years. Over that time I have developed well-prepared, stimulating, challenging and rewarding lessons. My students value my professionalism, my methods and my overall approach to French teaching. I use a range of resources and techniques to keep all students engaged and motivated.

Margaux Le Creff

Bonjour, my name is Margaux and I come from Brittany, France. I have been teaching French since 2014 in France and Australia. I am experienced in teaching French to all levels and ages, including small kids, university and High school students who needs to prepare for exams. I am in love with my country, its culture and language and I love sharing my passion with all my students. Teaching French has been for me a wonderful journey.

Monica Benvenuti

Buongiorno, my name is Monica and I come from Cesena, Italy. I have been teaching Italian in Sydney since 2010 to students of all ages, from very young kids to teenagers and adults of all different levels. I am also specialized in preparing students to their HSC and IB exams. Teaching is my passion and is a way for me to share my culture and the love for my language.


¡Hola! I am Pilar, a Spanish Teacher from Spain with four years of experience helping students of different levels achieving their goals. I have been teaching in Spain, Hawaii and Australia, and the more I help, the more passionate I feel about it. My background starts in Spain, learning in University for four years and practicing after that in Schools and after-school time. In June 2018, I decided to go to Maui, Hawaii and started teaching Spanish to the locals. In December 2019, I moved to Australia, where I had the pleasure to help adults getting in touch with the second most spoken language in the world. My lessons are always interactive and I like to focus on motivating the students by showing them how interesting the Spanish language and culture can be. Let's start learning together, you are just a few steps away from starting speaking another language!!!