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Peak Performance Assessment / Intro Consult (New Clients Only)

Free 30-minute session. I will will identify the top 5 things that might be holding you back and the #1 thing you need to do to move forward. I'll evaluate your situation, offer an intuitive reading, and identify areas that I may be able to help with. I will explain how I work with clients, and we can make a plan to help you accomplish your goals. You may ask questions about me too. Important: New clients must be age 18 or older. Parent or guardian may contact me to set up first appointment.

Free · 30 minutes

90 Minute EFT Session

May be on Zoom or in-person

$300 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Eco-Psychology - Intensive Outdoor Coaching Session

A 3-Hour Transformational Coaching Session, offering EFT Tapping, Guided Inner Work, Breathwork, Dreamwork and connection with the Earth, in the beautiful hills of Santa Rosa.

$525 · 3 hours

Eco-Psychology/Coaching Outdoor Session

Transformational Coaching Session, offering EFT Tapping, Guided Inner Work, Breathwork, Dreamwork and connection with the Earth, in the beautiful hills of Santa Rosa.

$200 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Trauma to Transformation - Coaching Program (sessions) - Program by Application Only

Tailored to your individual needs and goals. Includes EFT Tapping Sessions (twice/wk for 1 month, and then weekly for 2 months, then bi-weekly), Meditation instruction, unlimited email support and text support as needed, Worksheets and Assignments for Self-Development, and two Private Coaching Intensives over a 4 months period. (The first one is a Deep Dive Trauma Clearing Session, and the second one is a Clear Vision Intensive, to Find your Purpose and Your Inspired Life Path). EFT/Coaching Sessions are typically 60 minutes each. This is the most complete Transformational Coaching plan I am offering at this time. Price includes all services. Hourly EFT Coaching sessions may be booked online here as part of your package, once accepted for this program.

Call Us · 22 hours

Private Full-Day Intensive + Follow Up

Full day intensive Energy Coaching Program for personal development and transformation. Learn EFT Tapping for personal use and experience deep work on a particular area of your life. Elevate your mood, clarify vision and life purpose, navigate life transitions, process and heal losses, increase peak performance, synchronicity and flow states. Tailored to your needs. Learn meditation, breathing techniques, and mindfulness. May be indoor or outdoor in nature setting. Price includes a 30 minute pre-planning session, and one post-intensive follow-up session (call to schedule these at a separate time). Full day is 6 hours including healthy lunch. (Call to arrange time if none visible on calendar - usually scheduled on Mondays).

Call Us · 6 hours

EFT / Coaching Session - Single Appointment

$200 · 1 hour

EFT/Coaching Session Package (12-Pack)

Schedule sessions weekly or twice weekly, one hour per session, at the package rate of $2,100 for full 12 Sessions.

1 hour

ATRT™ Ancestral Trauma Healing Session

This is usually at least a 90 minute session involving a unique Energy Psychology process called Ancestral Trauma Release Techniques, for helping you to heal ancestral patterns that are negatively affecting your life (money, relationships, career, health, etc). The unhealed traumas and untold stories of our ancestors can imprint genetically and energetically throughout your lineage and can have a deep impact on your life, even if you have no conscious awareness of this. This process involves a guided inner journey, and usually EFT Tapping, while in a deeply relaxed inner state, where you may contact and dialogue with someone in your ancestral lineage who holds this pattern that you wish to release. It is usually recommended that you have at least one regular coaching/EFT session prior to entering this process.

$300 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Benjamin Schwarcz