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Fitting Real Food into Real Life, Easily and Affordably. Nutrition Response Testing and food as medicine.

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Our Services

Nutrition Response Test
Simple, non invasive muscle testing to find what is and isn't working well in your body. Then, we identify the challenges that are interfering and causing your body stress. Lastly, we come up with a plan of action to get you feeling better and lithe, ASAP.
Nutrition Response Test Follow Up
Ab Check
Have Kelley check your belly to determine if you have diastisi recti and if it can be fixed with Ab Rehab!
No Cost Nourish Session
Spend 30 minutes on the phone with Kelley Suggs, CHES, natural health practioner and gut health specialist learning what you can do right now to get started moving forward in your journey to a lithe, healthy body and mind.

Our Staff

Kelley Suggs