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With over 30 years of experience in the Tonsorial Arts, I bring you a Traditional Barbering experience like no other. No more wasting your time waiting around to have your haircut, putting up with unprofessional behaviors or settling for a disappointing haircut. Here, you will get what YOU have in mind because every service is designed with YOU in mind.
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Our Services

Gentleman's Hair Design
Each Hair Design begins with a consultation so that your haircut is unique and designed for you as an individual. Whether you are maintaining your signature look or reinventing your style, you can be confident that I'll listen to what you want and convert your words into a haircut designed exclusively for you! Each Hair Design is finished off with a refreshing neck shave. A shoulder massage is gladly provided at no extra charge upon request.
Student Haircut
Same quality haircut but discounted to help our clients who are in college, trade school or other continuing education.
U.S. Veterans Haircut
Same quality Haircut at a discount to honor our military veterans.
Gentleman's Beard Design
After a consultation to understand exactly how you want your Beard to look, I'll methodically trim and shape it with attention to detail because "Every Hair Counts". After we both agree it's right, We'll finish off by applying a scented steamed towel then shave in your beard lines utilizing a straight razor. Throughout your Beard service, Seven different products are used to care for your Beard and Skin. This service is finished off by applying aftershave and a botanical based moisturizer to leave you feeling clean, refreshed and ready for whatever may come your way! An invigorating shoulder massage is gladly provided at no extra charge upon request.
Gentleman’s Hair & Beard Design
Starting with a two way consultation, I'll use my experience, coupled with your input, to help you achieve a look that is unique to who you are! This service is finished off with a refreshing neck shave and your Beard lines razored in. I use 7 different products to guarantee not only the most comfortable shave experience but also to provide the utmost care for your skin & beard. A shoulder massage is gladly provided at no extra charge upon request.
Classic Traditional Shave
This centuries old service has taken many forms over the years but I perform it the way it was meant to be. I start with a Skin enhancing pre-shave oil then a great scented shaving lather. I then apply a scented steamed towel to relax the face, soften the facial hair and prepare for the shave. I'll perform the shave with & across the grain (or direction of the facial hair growth), methodically removing your facial hair with a straight razor. Afterwards your pores are thoroughly cleaned then closed with a cool towel. A finishing touch consists of a botanical based moisturizer which is applied to leave you feeling refreshed and ready. This service is also available with the shave performed going against the grain of the facial hair for small additional fee. A shoulder massage is gladly provided at no extra charge upon request.
Buzz Cut
This service is provided with the same high level of attention to detail as all our services. Never rushed, I take the time to get it right assuring that every hair is accounted for. This service is then finished off with a massage of your scalp and a botanical moisturizer. A shoulder massage is gladly provided at no extra charge upon request.
Head Shave
This service is performed in the same meticulous manner in which a Classic Traditional Shave is done. However, special care is taken to address the imperfections that most peoples' scalps have. Additionally fees apply for removing long hair and for shaving a second time across the grain of the hair growth. A shoulder massage is gladly provided at no extra charge upon request.
Young Gents Hair Design (16 & Under)
Recognizing that our children's looks are important also, the same detail is given to each child's hair design as well. An additional fee applies for longer hair, designs or intricate haircuts.
Scalp Massage
This "Old School" tradition has been abandoned by most but is alive and well here. A 9 step scalp & shoulder massage is as invigorating as it is relaxing. The vibrations revitalize your senses by stimulating and rejuvenating healthy blood circulation. The service is then finish off with a scented steamed towel and a botanical moisturizer. Have it once and you'll definitely be back for more. This service is great as a gift!!
Rejuvenating Rest Facial
Treat yourself to this 10 step Rest Facial that stimulates increased blood flow and healthy circulation via massage and pressure. By releasing stress & tension from facial pressure points, this service sends healing signals throughout your body. Enhance this service by adding your choice of a gentle cleanser or exfoliating scrub. A shoulder massage is gladly provided at no extra charge upon request. This service makes a great gift!
The Groom Event
Allow me the honor to send you off into the next chapter of your life relaxed and confident. I'll have you looking and feeling your best by providing you you with a package of tonsorial services tailored to specifically to your needs. Whether you visit my exclusive Barber Parlor or have me travel to your home, hotel or location of your choice; I will make sure you are ready to say, "I Do!" with no looking back! Call today to reserve your date & pick your services.
Styling Consultation
Do you have trouble styling your hair yourself? I will work with you to teach you proven techniques to help you not only achieve the style you want but also be successful at doing it yourself. Also included in this service is product knowledge as well as instruction on which brush, comb, dryer, etc will be best for your hair.
The Clean Up (Hair)
The clean up is designed to keep you looking sharp when time is an issue but looking good is a priority. I'll trim up the lines and overall structure of your Haircut using the shears and clipper, then finish off your service with a refreshing hot lather neck shave.
Head shave & Beard Design
A combination of two great services! Each performed in the same meticulous manner with an attention to detail that is second to none. Special care is taken to address the imperfections that most people's scalps have and your beard will be cared for in the same "Every Hair Counts" way that has made our Beard Design service so sought after. Additional fees apply for removing long hair and for shaving a second time, across the grain of the hair growth. A shoulder massage is gladly provided at no extra charge upon request.
Beard Consultation
An interactive consultation to help you decide which is the best direction to go with your Beard. We will cover Beard growth, bone structure & density, as well as grooming regimen & factors such as lifestyle and occupation. The ultimate decision is always yours but I'll provide my input, backed by 35 years of experience in designing Beards.
The Clean Up (Beard)
I'll re-establish your lines, re-shape the overall structure of your beard then clean up your neck with my ultra close, electric razor. I'll finish off with a refreshing natural after shave leaving you clean and refreshed This is not a full Beard Design service but rather an abbreviated version of it.
Father & Son Event
Two services honoring the time tested tradition of a Father & Son visiting the Barbershop together.
VIP Service
Full Barber Service for a VIP guest
The Clean Up (Hair & Beard)
Within 2 weeks of your last service we'll re-establish the shape and lines of your haircut and or Beard. This service does not include razor or hot towel service.
Head shave (No Razor) & Beard Design
Shave & a Haircut
Face Shave (Electric Only)
Quality face shave utilizing an electric razor only but still caring for your skin with high quality shaving and skin care products.
Hair/Beard Enhancement

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Chris Montoya
With over 3 decades of experience in the hair industry, you can be sure that you will get second to none service!