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Our Services

Resume Service
**PLEASE NOTE** This service is done completely through email. You will not receive a Zoom call. Need your resume spruced up, need to get noticed? This service is perfect for you.
Career Coaching - 1 Hour
This service is best utilized if you have many questions in regards to how to begin your path into the world of Information Technology. If you are unclear on what steps to take to get started, how to start learning technology, what certifications/degrees to achieve, or just have general questions about the field, this is the service for you.
Interview Prep - 1 Hour
This service covers what you can except during an interview process. Zach will ask you questions that you would receive during an interview and coach you through the process. This service is perfect for you if you have trouble during interviews or you are looking to up your game.
Bundled Service
Get All of Our Services Bundled Together!

Our Staff

Zachary Hill