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Introductory Holistic Facial (New Clients Only)
All first time clients will begin their experience at R Devine Skin Care with an Introductory Custom Holistic Facial. This facial begins with an in-depth consultation in order for me to understand your skin, as well as your skin care goals. Your consultation will be followed with a Customized Holistic Facial (see below for description) tailored to your unique skin. You will receive an R Devine Skin Care Sample Pack for you to take home, as well as any self massage movements, dietary suggestions or skin tips that I can provide for at-home use.
Customized Holistic Facial (Established Clients Only)
This unique, results-driven facial experience is an extremely meditative and deeply healing experience designed to improve the health of your skin from deep within, leaving you feeling refreshed, and your skin looking brighter and healthier.  This facial will be performed using my R Devine Organic Skin Care products may include any of the advanced techniques listed above.
The Holistic FaceLift (Established Clients Only)
This Holistic FaceLift Massage is a great holistic alternative to Botox and is designed to lift and sculpt your face and neck. It is a combination of lymph drainage, Nefeli gua sha and connective tissue massage. This deeply relaxing massage helps improve movement in the skin, encouraging lymph to flow and increasing nutrient flow, circulation and hydration, clearing the stagnation that causes puffiness, water retention and dark spots on the skin.  It also brightens the complexion, stimulates collagen and elastin production, and balances the nervous system, putting you into a deep, meditative and relaxed state. Results are noticeable after one treatment, however, a series of 6-8 treatments is recommended for best results. To book a series, please email me at info@rdevineskincare.com.
Skin Care Product Pickup
Need to restock your products between facials? Book this option to come in and stock up on your favourite R Devine products.
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