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Studio time - Wheels

Reserve time in the studio for processing your pottery. Single use access to reduce our exposure during this challenging time. Wheel time, slab rolling etc. Please book time at the glazing area separately.

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Glaze Space Rental

Reserve space in the glaze area of the Workshop Mpls. Single use access to reduce exposure during this challenging time. Please use the other space option to reserve space at the slab roller or wheels. Please note, many of our customers are underestimating the time needed for glazing. Please be considerate of the time you may need to accommodate preparing and glazing your pieces.

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Firing Services- Pick Up/Drop Off

Drop off or pick up work for kiln firing services. Fees are calculated by the fraction of kiln space used. Increments of 1/3, 1/2, and whole kiln loads. All attempts will be made to fold kiln firing client work into current studio kilns to reduce cost for firing. Kilns currently fire ^08 for bisque and ^6 for glaze.

Price varies based on quantity and size of work delivered for firing ยท 10 minutes

Private Class

Would you like personalized one on one instruction? Have a particular skill or technique you want to learn in pottery? Consultation on current work? Assistance with a pottery problem? Register for a private class! Our private class options can be via online format or in person at the studio. Options available for totally private use of the space, or minimal exposure when scheduled with other studio appointments. Please specify your preference when reserving your time!

4 Options

Firing Services- Drop off or Pick up

Glaze Area

Please use this to reserve time in the glaze space for preparing and glazing bisque ware.


Owner, operator and potter extraordinaire. Available for private classes in person or via digital media. All private appointments are pending until approved. Additional hours are available upon request.

Wheel B

Wheel A

Wheel C

Wheel D

Wheel use

Please use this to reserve time at our large worktables and/ slab roller.