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I am an empathic listener with a contagious enthusiasm for what I do
integrating Mind & Body through Neurofeedback, Hypnosis, and Biofeedback.
Nurture the subjective life experience that you desire.

Appointments available:
Monday through Friday at 8:00, 10:00, 12:00 & 2:00

We'll confirm that your booked time is available or suggest an alternative. Tele-sessions are booked by email according to time zone and Dr. Galaska's availability.

Call or email to arrange possible off hour weekend or evening sessions.

Prices for services reflect an increase effective Aug. 1st, 2018. If you had a session with Dr. Galaska in 2018 your service fee is grandfathered at the whatever rate previously paid as long as you book at least once session per month.. John R. Galaska, CHT, BCN, PsyD
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Our Services

Initial Intake Session
Intake requires almost all of a two hour session during which your goals are clarified. Some breath work, EEG monitoring, and guided meditation are normally included. A strategy is devised which always includes work done at home between sessions to increase the efficacy of our time together.
After initial 14 trace monitoring done at intake when brain wave targets and sensor placements that are anticipated to be beneficial are determined, focused training can begin. Whereas alpha/theta sessions often done in tandem with hypnosis regularly induces deep states of relaxation, other protocols normally require multiple sessions to produce beneficial effects. Ten sessions done twice a week over five weeks is a normally anticipated minimum. Discounted per session rates can be discussed when considering booking ten or twenty session regimens.
Neurofeedback Ten Sessions
Pre-pay ten sessions of Neurofeedback for $1000.00. Sessions are non-transferrable, non-refundable, and must be used with in ten months unless mitigating circumstances are involved.
A harmonizing combination of several protocols especially designed for stress relief, but may be effective for other needs. It is a unique experience that yields information that may assist in enhancing your subjective well-being. Usually requires just under two hours.
Breath Rate Discovery
Computer software analyzes six aspects of your heart's performance to determine your optimal breath rate to achieve resonance between respiration and heart rate. Booked in two hour slots. Service requires a little more than an hour.
Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation during which suggestions specific to your needs are offered in a manner that is hoped will cause them to operate beneath awareness enhancing your subjective experience. Sessions are usually just under an hour although booked every two hours.
Hypnosis 4 Sessions
Get four sessions for the price of three. Suggested for quit smoking protocol or eliminating negative habitual behavior. Sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Electrodermal skin response, peripheral skin tempearture, and heart rate variability smoothness are available singly or in tandem with the goal of enabling you to reduce stress on your own. Sessions are usually slightly more than an hour, booked every two hours.
Optic and Auditory Entrainment
Optic and auditory entrainment is a passive way to nudge the brain to increase the amplitude of targeted wavelengths to enhance concentration, focus, or relaxation. It may be beneficial in facilitating sleep onset and duration.
Tele-Hypnosis (Book by email. Prepaid only.)
Forty-five minutes including hypnotic induction to enlist the aide of your unconscious in achieving your goals. Appointments arranged by email according to time zone and Dr. Galaska's availability.

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John Galaska

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