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DJD Detailing in South Bound Brook, NJ. Offering mobile auto detailing services, from basic exterior and interior services. To multi year Ceramic, and Acrylic paint coatings. Protect your investment with DJD Detailing.

Fall is here and winter will be coming soon. DJD Detailing has a Fall Protection package that will get your vehicle ready for the elements! Scroll down to see the package.
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Our Services

Basic combine package
Basic package includes​: Interior vacuum interior and trunk Shampoo carpets and seat Vacuum and scrub floor matts Vents, cup holders, doors, Etc Clean and condition leather seats​ Exterior Wash and dry paint Clean door Jams Clean rims and Shine tires Inside and outside windows cleaned Car is finished with spray wax
Deluxe Combine package
Deluxe Combine package: Interior Vacuum interior and trunk Shampoo carpets and seats Vacuum and scrub floor matts Vents, cup holders, doors Clean and condition leather seats Spot treat stains Exterior Wash and Dry paint Clean door Jams Quick Claybar Service Inside and Outside windows cleaned Vehicle is Finished with a Sio2 spray Sealant. That will give you a test of a Ceramic coating and offer great water beading.
The Works Detail package
Full interior and Exterior detail is Performed on the vehicle. Additionally the Vehicle will receive a full claybar treatment followed by a paint enhancement polishing step. This will increase gloss on the paint. Finally to finish up the paint will be sealed up with a sio2 paint sealant giving 6 month of protection.
Interior detail
Interior Detail Package includes vacuum interior and the truck Shampoo carpets and seat (if cloth) Vacuum and scrub floor matts Vents, cup holders, doors are cleaned Clean and condition leather seats
Paint enhancement and Ceramic Coating
A one step primer polish is done on vehicle to get it ready to apply the coating. The primer polish will remove some of the light swirls on the paint. But not deep scratches. It will increase gloss and prepare the surface to be coated. This coating package includes includes a 1 to 2 year Ceramic Coating called Año. A upgrade to CC105 which is a 3 year coating can be added for $100 Extra. Both coatings are 9h Hardness and make maintenance on your vehicle a whole lot easier. To achieve the most out of your coated Vehicle you must maintain the vehicle. Going through the automatic car wash is one of the worst things you can do. I highly recommend you wash the vehicle your self or go to the pay and spray car wash where you wash the vehicle your self with a pressure washer. I have a few products that I recommend and I will go over these with you at the end of the service. $100 cancellation fee can apply if you cancel 1 day before the scheduled job, or morning of.
Ceramic Coating 2 step
A two step polishing is done to your vehicle. First step is compounding to remove swirls, scratches and hazy paint. Step 2 is the primer polish to get the paint ready to coat. Finally the coating is applied. A garage is required or you may drop the vehicle off to me. Vehicle can not get wet for 24 hours and you need to avoid washing the car for 7 days. Coatings still require proper maintenance to keep them looking good.
One step paint enhancement
Most daily drivers and show cars will greatly benefit from a good one step paint enhancement. With a one step paint enhancement the ultimate goal is to bring up gloss of your vehicle. This is done through one step of the polishing process. Finally the vehicle will get a application of Ywax Ceramic Coat, this coating is a 6 months to a year coating. A $45 Cancellation fee may be charged if the customer cancels the day of the job or no shows.
After Winter Protection Specail
For a limited time DJD Detailing is offering our After Winter Protection Special! This package is a thorough wash on the outside followed by a clay bar treatment to remove blond contamination and make sure the paint smooth. Finally the vehicle is protected with my entry Level Ceramic Coating YWaxPaint. Both give about 6 months of protection and should last you through the winter and into spring.

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