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30-Minute Free Clarity Consultation

Need help organizing your life? Do you need help reconnecting back in with what's important to you? Do you need a someone to help guide you towards your goals? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Stephanie Vassos to get clear and driven towards your best life! Want to schedule a phone appointment? Please indicate in the message section when you register!

Free · 30 minutes

Life Activation

This modality is a great investment for anyone who is in need of better connection to their higher self, someone who lacks direction and drive in life, and who wants to create change and make a big impact in their life! Are you ready?

$300 · 2 hours

Negative Relationships Cord Cutting

This modality energetically cuts away any negative connections with people in your life. Did you know that up to seven years after you meet someone, they can effect your energy levels, your emotions, and more? This session is great for people wanting to create new, healthier, patterns in relationships.

$100 · 1 hour

Release & Renew Package

This package includes the Energetic Cord Cutting, Negative Energy Removal, and Good Energy Casting healing sessions, but at a discounted price. Save $50!

$150 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Remote Ensofic Reiki

Need extra healing from the comfort of your own home? Experience the healing capacity of the Ensofic Ray at a discounted price! After this session, you'll feel relaxed. calm, refreshed, and energized!

2 Options

Fire-Soul Infusion and Activation

Ignite the fire in your life to be filled with passion, excitement, love, and creativity. Part of the Sacred Geometry healing series, this modality infuses you with the element of fire with all of its beautiful benefits. Pre-requisite: Life Activation

$400 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Ensofic Ray Reiki

The most luxurious Reiki on the planet! The 3-session breakthrough works to clear negative energy blocks, while healing your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical body. Using the rays of creation, each client is infused with passion, healing, romance, clarity, royalty, and new beginnings, and more.

2 Options

Aura Healing

Working in the first three layers of the aura, we use the agape (love) energy to clear out sluggish/dark energy and infuse the aura with high vibrational love and light. After this cleansing and purifying session, you should feel infused with love and vitality, and it may feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulder.

$100 · 1 hour 15 minutes

7-Layer Aura Clearing

Experience the power of the Egyptian Pantheon and the Family of RA as you are taken through a magical journey that heals the first seven layers of your aura. This session also involves you creating a mission statement that you want to have manifested in your life. With the new energy that is infused into you, this mission will be more attainable.

$150 · 1 hour 45 minutes

Crystal Healing

Using a specific formula of mantras and crystals, the modality has the ability to assist in healing the physical and energetic body and the emotional state of the client. Please contact us for more information as to which aspects of the physical/emotional/energetic bodies the modality is able to work on.

$50 · 1 hour

Stephanie Vassos

Stephanie is certified as a Teacher and Professional Life Activation Practitioner with the Modern Mystery School. She has been trained in NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, and Coaching. She is a published author of the GAIA Series, and the owner of AlignCo. Her skill is looking at the root of problems, and changing the cause rather than the symptoms in order to create long-term, sustainable change in one's life.