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New Ski Setup (Skis + Boots + Bindings)

Do you need everything, skis, boots, bindings? We will help you through the entire process of getting set up with all new gear. From boot fitting to selecting the appropriate skis and bindings, one of our expert staff members will assist in getting you geared up and stoked to get on the mountain!

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Custom Boot Work

Need work done to your existing ski boots. Stretching, grinding, heater install, just need them to fit better? This is your button

45 minutes

New Ski Boots (Just Boots)

It's time for new boots, let's talk about you, your feet, your skiing and find the best pair.

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New Skis (Just Skis or Skis + Bindings)

Need help picking the perfect pair of skis? Schedule a time to talk skis with us! One of our sales associates will help you make the right choice based on what you like to do on the hill, skiing ability and budget.

30 minutes

New Ski Bindings (Just Bindings)

Need a pair of bindings for your skis? Touring, downhill, park, we're here to help find you the right bindings and get your set-up ready to go. Bring in your boots and skis and we'll mount the bindings and dial in your settings on the spot.

30 minutes

Personal Shopper

Is your ski outfit looking tired and worn-out? Looking to upgrade your kit to fit your style? Book an appointment with one of our personal shoppers and they will help you get the outerwear update that you desperately need!

2 Options

Clothing & Accessories Shopping

Looking for expert advice on what gear will best fit your needs? Maybe a new ski outfit or a new helmet and goggles? If so, then one of our sales associates will gladly assist you in getting the proper fit and style.

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New Snowboard Set-Up (Board+Boots+Bindings)

Is your old set-up not cutting it anymore? This is your button. We'll get you into a set-up that fits you, your feet and your shred style.

1 hour

New Snowboard and Snowboard Bindings ( Snowboard+Bindings)

Already have a good pair of boots but looking to upgrade your deck and bindings? One of our experts will be able to help point you towards a set-up that fits your riding style.

30 minutes

New Snowboard Boots and Bindings (Boots+Bindings)

Already have a snowboard deck but need some new boots and bindings so you can get out on the hill? This is the button for you.

40 minutes

New Snowboard Boots (Just Boots)

Ready to upgrade your snowboard boots? We've got you covered. Sit down with one of our snowboarders to find the perfect pair of boots for you.

40 minutes

Ski Mount/Adjust

Need your bindings mounted or adjusted? This is your button. Service will be completed during appointment slot. *Some exclusions may apply i.e quiver killers, tele-mounts*

4 Options

Ski/Snowboard Tuning & Repairs

Looking to have your skis or board tuned, this is your button. Tunes/Service will be completed during your appointment, *Some exclusions may apply i.e major repairs*

5 Options

Snowboard Boots-Liner Mold

Need your existing snowboard boot liners molded? Click here.

30 minutes

Ski Boots - Liner Mold

Need your existing ski boots liners molded? This button is for you.

30 minutes

Customer Service Warranty & Returns

Do you believe a product you purchased from us falls under warranty? Need to make a return? Need to pick up an order? Click this one.

10 minutes

Order Pick-Up

Placed an online order and selected curbside pick up? This is the box for you. (Please allow at least 24 hours between the time you placed your order and scheduling a pick-up time) Know your order #? Please leave it in the notes.

10 minutes


Do you believe an item you purchased needs to be warrantied? We'd be happy to help you sort that out.

10 minutes


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