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Mobile ONLY | Kids Bike Safety Service | YOU MUST select number of bikes below

Keep the kids happy and safe! • Lubricate chain • Lubricate any moving pivot points • Adjustment of front and rear brakes • Adjust any shifting (if applicable) • Inspect and inflate tires • Bolt Safety Check • Safety inspection of frame and components

3 Options

Mobile ONLY | The BRONZE Service | YOU MUST select number of bikes below

Recommended at least once a season • Adjust Front and Rear Derailleurs • Adjust Front and Rear Brakes • True Front and Rear wheels • Lube all shift and brake cables • General inspection of frame and components • Bolt Safety check • Inflate tires • Test Ride

4 Options

Mobile ONLY | Build a bike. (Purchased Elsewhere) 1 Bike ONLY

Bought a bike online? Need it assembled at your location and convenience? Go ahead, book this service! If bicycle has more advanced gearing or more intricate parts to install, more costs could be incurred. Can take box offsite for extra fee.

$124.99 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Mobile ONLY | Bicycle Flat Change

This service can be lumped into any normal bicycle service, for no extra labor charge. This is ONLY if you just need a flat tire changed and nothing else. Change of any size flat tire. Price includes labor only. Not tube. Not tire. Price may vary based on length of time spent. i.e. Scooter tires, Solid tires.

Starting at $24.99 · 30 minutes

Andrew Fetty

Andrew Fetty