Amy Baird Schlegel L.Ac, D.A.O.M

Dr. Amy Baird Schlegel is an acupuncturist and Chi Nei Tsang practitioner in business for over 17 years; specializing in emotional balance, digestive concerns, women's health and pain relief.
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Our Services

Gold Acupuncture New Patient Visit (2 Hours)
Detailed health history intake with 30 minute massage and acupuncture for two hours. Service may include gua sha, cupping, moxibustion and e-stim as deemed helpful and necessary by the provider.
New Patient Visit Acupuncture and Chi Nei Tsang
The New Visit will include an initial intake and chi gong gentle healing touch and acupuncture. You will be encouraged to be both relaxed and present to engage in active breathing and body awareness while gentle touch is applied to areas of the abdomen. Some back and spine work may also be included. Periods of dream state in which the body enters a theta state like in acupuncture and meditation is also beneficial.
Silver Acupuncture New Patient Visit (90 minutes)
This appointment is for new patients. Detailed patient intake with 15 minute massage and acupuncture for 90 minutes. Offer may include cupping/gua sha/moxa/ e-stim or other Traditional Medicine modalities as deemed necessary and helpful by the practitioner
Acupuncture Follow up Visit (75 minutes)
Visit includes 75 minutes Acupuncture plus 16 minutes massage and one Traditional Chinese Medicine modality as deemed necessary and helpful by the practitioner such as cupping, gua sha, electro-stim and moxibustion.
Acupuncture Follow up Visit (60 minutes)
A 60 minute acupuncture follow up treatment that may include one modality extra such as cupping, massage, moxa, gua sha or electro stimulation.
90 Minute Acupuncture Session (Cash Only)
The 90 minute session is an out of pocket service and is not covered by insurance. This session includes massage and other modalities such as cupping, electro-stim and gua sha as deemed necessary. Chi Nei Tsang May also be included.
Follow up Visit Chi Nei Tsang
One hour of Chi Nei Tsang to help bring breath and awareness to tight areas in the abdomen and emotional holding patterns in order to move towards greater emotional maturity and optimal health.

Our Staff

Amy Schlegel