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QHHT Past Life Regression-4Hours-Weekday

Past life regression hypnosis. I come to you and we can easily maintain social distancing throughout the session. Let me know if you don't have a good location to do the session and we'll make other arrangements.

$200 deposit required to hold appointment slot $400 · 4 hours

Energy Healing Phone Sessions(2hrs)

Phone consultation plus energy healing. Like the one hour phone session, I take you through a re framing of your issues. We dig out the roots of reactive patterns and I help you with strategies for dealing with your own feelings and strategies for dealing with people in your life. We speak for 60-90 minutes and then I send remote energy healing.

$200 $200 · 2 hours

2 Hour Energy Healing PHONE Session

Intuitive consulting, emotional processing plus remote energy healing

$200 · 2 hours

QHHT Past Life Regression Hypnosis--Weekends, beginning Fridays at Noon

Past life regression hypnosis. I come to you. Price is higher for areas farther than an hour from my Hollywood location.

$500 · 4 hours

2 Hour Energy Healing Session

Intuitive talk therapy and consulting followed by relaxing and transformative energy healing.

$200 · 2 hours

1 hour Phone Consulting

I help you work through any type of issue, emotional, relationship, career, family, etc. with my unique form of intuitive consulting.

$100 · 1 hour

Space Clearing-Los Angeles

Clear out old, discordant energies that may be affecting your business space. Contact me for quotes for locations outside of Manhattan.

$500 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Space Clearing-Los Angeles-Residential

Clear out stagnant and disruptive energy from a home and create a new vibration for the location. Price applies to locations within an hour of my Hollywood apt. Call for quotes for locations farther away.

$200 deposit required to hold appointment slot $350 · 2 hours


Andrew Sway