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*PLEASE MARK THE DROP OFF ADDRESS IN THE NOTES. IF YOU ARE FLYING INTO MBS, PLEASE PUT THE FLIGHT NUMBER IN THE NOTES, FOR TRACKING PURPOSES.* This service offers us an opportunity to get in contact with you, book and confirm your ride, and allows for payment up front (optional). For everyone's best interest, please be prompt and ready within your time frame (30 minutes maximum is estimated total time for most rides). This ensures that everyone gets to their destination safely, and on time. If you do not receive a confirmation email that your ride has been booked with us, please assume we have not seen the run information, and it's unlikely that the ride was booked! Thank you for your cooperation with this!

Price Varies · 30 minutes

Zero-Tolerance Policy

Griffin Transit has a zero-tolerance policy on the misuse of all drugs and alcohol while at work or coming on shift. • We will not accept anyone possessing, producing, or supplying (selling or giving) illegal drugs while on shift, and will report them to the police. • You must not drink alcohol while on shift. • You must not come to work in an unfit state for work as a result of taking drugs or alcohol. This includes if you are on standby or call-out. • It is your responsibility, along with your general practitioner or pharmacist, to make sure that prescribed or over-the-counter medication does not affect your ability to work safely. If you have concerns about this, please speak with the owner. • We have the option to carry out a drug and alcohol test on all new employees before they start working for us. If someone fails this pre-employment test, we will withdraw the offer of employment. We also have the option to conduct random drug tests at any point in time during employment with us. If you are found with drugs and or/alcohol while working on shift or coming onto shift, you will be terminated immediately. Questions? Click the link below to continue to book a time with us to discuss this over or please call us right away! 989-770-2060 (Ext. 4)

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Interview - Driver

Interested in working for Griffin Transit? Set up an interview with us today, and get making money in your spare time! Call us at 989-770-2060 to get started! (From there, we will have open availability with a time/date to meet for an interview to be marked in the calendar).

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The dispatcher (on shift) for Griffin Taxi is here to accommodate whatever help you may need, whether we send out a driver to you for pick up, or you request an interview with the company today!