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Somatic Experiencing (TM)

Somatic Experiencing creates space and resiliency in the nervous system, and is used for addressing both acute trauma and long-term stress. It is useful for your own pre- and peri-natal trauma, bonding issues, relationship difficulties, falls and accidents, and reproductive and sexual trauma.

3 Options

In person 90 minute session

90 minute sessions are appropriate for: Body-based Trauma Resolution, Somatic Sex Education, CranialSacral Therapy, general Somatic Experiencing, Birth Prep, Holistic Pelvic Care, Scar Tissue Remediation, Postpartum Healing sessions

1 hour 30 minutes

Free 15 Minute Phone Consult

Please book a free 15 minute phone consultation if we have not ever worked together. It's important to me that we discuss whether or not my services are a good fit for your needs, goals, and intentions.

Free · 15 minutes

30 min Nervous System Regulation Online

30 minutes

Virtual Birth Prep Support

Online session to assist you in tuning into your innate wisdom to discover and set your boundaries for birth, process through and release physical and emotional tension, and find your flow.

$75 · 1 hour

Relationship, Intimacy, and Sexuality Integration

Do you and your partner struggle to connect intimately? Or are you concerned that you and your partner are incompatible sexually? During our time together we will explore embodied ways to discover your limits, boundaries, preferences, and needs, and how to communicate around them. These sessions are appropriate for solo or partnered work.

2 Options

60 Minute online

1 hour

Vaginal Steam Consult

Initial Vaginal Steam consults include an in depth look at your current menstrual cycle and menstrual history. We determine the appropriate herbs for you and develop a protocol for the following 1-3 months, after which we will re-schedule a follow up. Depending on your body and your needs, we may include womb alignment during our work together.

2 Options

Cranialsacral Session

CranialSacral Therapy is used to bring the bones of the cranium and pelvis into optimal positioning and to free fascial constrictions. It's beneficial for allowing the nervous system to down regulate and relax. It is useful for addressing headaches, vertigo, motion sickness, chronic pain, and much more.

2 Options


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