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Ayurveda Consultation- Intake and Follow-up

Analysis of your Ayurvedic Constitution and current state of imbalance (Prakriti and Vikruti). Once this is established we will choose some long-term goals (~3-6 months) and decide on incremental steps to take to reach these goals with herbs, lifestyle, and diet changes. Follow-up will be booked after initial consult.

$114 · 2 hours 30 minutes

1:1 Coaching Program- 3 months

Initial Ayurveda consultation to analyze Ayurvedic constitution and current state of imbalance. 3 month course of action will be decided upon during initial intake OR follow-up, further cleansing or coaching may be needed up to 6 month program. Coaching program includes 4 sessions total- intake and 3 follow-up sessions. Outline of coaching program, goals, and recommendations included.

$420 · 30 minutes

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program

PRICE IS A DEPOSIT- TOTAL COST OF PROGRAM IS $1400 TOTAL. Price can be broken into payments. This is a group coaching course that takes place over the course of a year. You learn about the 10 basic habits of thrive by taking 2 rounds of Body Thrive where we cover one habit per week and the ayurvedic principles related to each habit. The second half of the program includes more in-depth understanding and practice of Ayurveda. An accountability partner is included, 2 one-on-one consultations, bi-weekly check-ins with an Ayurvedic Practitioner to support your progress, two zoom calls per week to troubleshoot issues and learn the habits, and one workshop per month to get more hands-on experience around Ayurvedic theories and self-care techniques.

$100 · 30 minutes


Lisa Myers