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South Carolina Business Formation Consultation

Initial consultation with an attorney to discuss forming or reorganizing a South Carolina business.

$99 · 30 minutes

Business Operation Consultation

Meet with an attorney to discuss any legal issue, concern, or question regarding your business.

$99 · 30 minutes

Business Trademark or Copyright Consultation

Meet with an attorney to discuss filing any business trademark or copyright.

$99 · 30 minutes

Business Litigation Consultation

If your business is facing a pending litigation, either one you are bringing or being brought against you, meet with an attorney to discuss the situation and review your options.

$99 · 30 minutes

Contract Review

Contract review and advisement for up to 5 pages. Prior to your meeting, please e-mail copy of contract to

$199 · 1 hour

Contract Drafting

If you or your business require a new contract be prepared, or an existing contract be revised/updated, meet with our attorney to discuss and have your new contract drafted. Includes drafting a contract up to 10 pages.

$250 · 1 hour

Real Estate Consultation

If you are planning to buy or sell real estate in South Carolina meet with an experienced real estate attorney to review or draft a contract to know what the terms are and be prepared. If you are involved in a dispute concerning South Carolina real estate, you can also meet with an experienced attorney to discuss the issue and your available options for resolution. Whether your dispute concerns a contract, property lines, or claims to title, we are here to help you.

$99 · 30 minutes

Estate Planning Consultation

Meet with an attorney to discuss creating or updating South Carolina estate plans. We discuss and learn about what assets you have, your family, your concerns and wishes regarding your assets, and other items regarding your estate. After learning more about your and what you want to accomplish, we will be able to design an estate plan custom fit for you and provide a flat fee quote for our services.

$99 · 30 minutes

Probate Consultation

If a family member or loved one has recently passed away, it can be difficult for you and your family to go through the probate process alone. Our firm is here to help guide you through the probate process and distribute assets.

$99 · 30 minutes

Heirs Property or Quiet Title Consultation

We handle and represent families in court petitions to determine heirs on family real estate, and represent members involved in disputes over South Carolina real estate. Our staff will prepare title searches and family tree information to confirm and identify all potential heirs so that title of any family land may be made clear.

$99 · 30 minutes

ARAG Member Consult

Consultation for ARAG Members. Members must provide their CaseAssist® package and confirmation number. Please call 843-868-8210 for any questions. Membership will be verified.

Price Varies · 30 minutes


Rob Dills

Rob Dills and the Dills Law Firm are focused on providing quality client service and guidance on matters involving estate planning; probate administration; business law; and real estate closings and litigation.