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I am Dr. Ida, The Divine Connector and I work with women who lack self-love and boundaries to connect them to their Divine Self by developing their intuition and self-love so that they can have the freedom to be themselves to live life on their own terms and to have unshakeable inner confidence in asking for and getting their needs met in all areas of their life.

Before working with me, people were into worry, self- doubt, inability to set and keep boundaries with others, putting the needs and welfare of others before their needs, allowing others to disrespect them and their boundaries, feeling they have to beg someone to be with them. Afraid to be alone and afraid of what others will say if they are alone. They have self-critical thought, feel unlovable and unloved and do not know how to get their needs met for love and intimacy.
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Connector to The Divine, Intuitive Coaching-Group, 1:1, VIP Day, Live Workshop, Spiritual Services, Retreats
Dr. Ida, The Divine Connector, Help You Grow Your Self-Love, Using Intuition to Grow Your Divine Self. We have Many Services: Online Group Coaching, 1:1 Coaching, Intuitive VIP Day, Live Workshops, Spiritual Retreats, and Products (21 Best Selling Books,CD, DVD to feed , strengthen, and help you grow your inner and outer self as you journey through life to arrive at your greatness.

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Dr Ida Greene
Dr. Ida Greene PhD, Professional Speaker, Intuitive Spiritual Coach, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Ordained Minister, Author 21 Best Selling Books, Center of Self Esteem, nonprofit to send an African American male child to college instead of prison