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Auto Detailing Full Detail

Starting at $650 · 4 hours

Paint Protection Film

Full Front Custom

Starting at $1,895 · 8 hours


Window Tint Appointment

8 hours


Free · 30 minutes

Window Tint

3m Crystalline 70 WS

Free · 5 hours


30 minutes

Protection Detail

Paint Decontamination Process+ Clay bar wheels deep cleaned tires cleaned and conditioned trim conditioned Silica Sealant Applied.

Price is considered a starting price for a small vehicle, Anything over avg mid vehicle size may be higher. $250 · 30 minutes

Paint Correction/Ceramic Coating Detail

Foam Bath Paint Decontamination Process Clay Bar Wheel wells, faces, tires cleaned Multi stage correction process to remove all swirls, surface defects & creates the ultimate gloss and paint clarity. Apply your choice of one of our Professional Ceramic Coating Options

Starting prices are for a small vehicle, Anything over a mid sized vehicle will be extra, Optional coatings can be applied for an additional uncharge. · 30 minutes

Window Tint 2 windows

Two front windows application of tint only.

Starting at · 1 hour

Window Tint- 4dr Sedan/truck

Window Tint for an Average size 4dr vehicle.

Starting at $300 · 4 hours

Enhancement/Protection Detail

Paint Decontamination Clay bar wheels/wheel barrels cleaned tires cleaned trim conditioned paint enhancement process (removes light swirls & creates high gloss) Prices are starting prices for small vehicles ( additional fees may apply for larger than avg vehicles)

Price varies on size and condition. $400 · 6 hours

Interior detail

$250 · 4 hours


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