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***READ BEFORE BOOKING COVID-19 Policy/Cancelation Policy

The State of Washington has given us restrictions in order to Open and Operate. *****************************************************************************No Mask No Service and it must stay on for the duration of the appointment. You're encouraged to bring your own but if you do not have one a disposable one will be provided to you and $5 fee will be added to the service. **************************************************************************** Cancellations Fees will NOT be charged if you text within (1-hour) of your service so no excuses DO NOT COME IN SICK. If you're not feeling well stay home. If you come in sick or have a temperature you will be sent home and charged 50% of the original service cost. **************************************************************************** No Call No Shows are subject to a 100% of the appointment costs. **************************************************************************** Wait in your Car til it is time for your appointment. DO NOT bring extra guests there is only 1 person allowed in the Studio for their service at a time. If you’re a no call no show you will be expected to prepay for your following service. If you NO SHOW and the 100% no show fee cannot be processed, all future appointments must be prepaid through cash app before being scheduled for your next service at my discretion . I have the right to refuse service .

5 minutes


Til 2021 · 5 minutes

Consultation-IN PERSON

$15 will go as a Credit toward your Service if you decide to book an appointment.

$30 · 30 minutes


If you already had Locs Installed but are Switching Locticians this fee is Mandatory regardless of when your last Maintenance was and is separate from a Lapsed retwist Fee and is meant to give me the time I will need to thoroughly assess your hair health, learn how your hair is parted and give you the best experience possible.

$30 · 1 hour

#1 Loc Maintenance (Traditional Locs)

ESTABLISHED CLIENTS: $7.50 WILL BE ADDED AS A FEE FOR EVERY WEEK OVER 10 WEEKS THAT YOUR HAIR HAS GONE UN-MAINTENANCED UP TO $30. *************************************************************************** Select based on your Length 12" Meets the Shoulder 14"-18" passes the shoulders and reaches mid back. 20"-24" Lower back to above the waist. 26"-32" Below the waist ************************************************************************* * Maintenance will include a Shampoo, Condition and Maintenance of the New Growth using the palm rolling method. *Additional services can be added in the next screen For example add Letter "i" to include a style

3 Options

#1.1 Loc Maintenance (Micro Locs)

elect based on your Length 12" Meets the Shoulder 14"-18" passes the shoulders and reaches mid back. 20"-24" Lower back to above the waist. 26"-32" Below the waist ************************************************************************* * Maintenance will include a Shampoo, Condition and Maintenance of the New Growth using the palm rolling method.

3 Options

#1.2 Loc Maintenance + Haircut COMBO

3 Options

#1.3 Loc Maintenance + Haircut + Style COMBO

3 Options

#1.4 Loc Maintenance Wicks/Instalock/Crochet Method

This service requires a consultation. Do not book this service unless you have been told to do so in your consultation. My Rate Breakdown for Instalock maintenance: $50 an hour

8 Options

#1.5 Starter Locs

Comb Coil Method This service includes an Ultra Cleansing Shampoo, Starter Locs using the Comb Coil Method using Water Soluble Products only and finished with Dolly Locks Tightening Spray to speed up the locking process. The starting price goes up based on the size of the Locs the smaller the Locs the more Locs to be installed the longer the service. *Additional services can be added in the next screen

4 Options

#1.6 Loc Client Color Service- LAUNCH SEPTEMBER!


10 Options

#1.7 Loc Shampoo & Dry ONLY

This is a Shampoo service only. Not a Retwist. This is a service dedicated to solely keeping your Locs and Scalp clean between Maintenances if you're planning to go a bit longer between Maintenances. It includes a Super Cleansing Shampoo,Conditioning Treatment

$30 · 1 hour

1.8 Loc Repair

This would cover approximately 4-6 Loc repairs depending on the Length and condition of your Locs. You should know how many Locs you need repaired.

$60 · 1 hour

#2 Haircut/Clipper Cut

Any Fade/Haircut/Any person Male, Female/ Children (12 and up only) : Tapers, Shadow Fade, Bald Fade Low Fade High Fade or Drop Fade. *Loc Clients and Twist Clients get 50% off of their haircuts.

3 Options

#2.1 Haircut + Beard Maintenance Combo

$45 · 1 hour

#2.2- Haircut + Shampoo Combo

$45 · 1 hour 15 minutes

#3 Braids

Hair must be clean and combed out prior to appointment. if you require a wash and comb out please book service #3.1 This service requires a consultation via text to get an accurate price so I will be reaching out once you book the appointment. $35 for 2 Braids on short hair above the shoulders and $45 for Hair below the shoulders. $45 for 4-6 braids on short above the shoulder hair.

Starting at $45 · 1 hour

#3.1 Braids Wash, Condition, Prep Combo

Prep refers to prepping the hair for Braiding after a Wash by detangling and blow drying the Hair. This service Simple Braid Styles 4-6 Braids *Price can increase based on Desired Style and number of Braids

2 Options

#3.2 Braid + Haircut + Wash, Condition, Prep Combo

2 Options


Juiced Beauty and Barber’s. *************************After Hours Policy************ NON-NEGOTIABLE For all appointments booked for after 7pm or run til after 8pm there will be an after hours surcharge. All after hour haircuts are $60 dollars to be paid before your service. All natural hair services will have an additional $75 fee added to to be paid before your service. *********LOC CLIENTS********** This means if you need an appointment that starts no later than 4pm at 5pm or later your appointment will run past 8pm and I count the dry time and NO you cannot leave without drying. *************************VIP SERVICE************ Haircut + Beard/Facial Hair Maintenance + Loc Repair up to 12 Locs (2hrs)+ Loc Detox + Loc Maintenace + Style ($255 Value) * Loc repair can be subbed with an all over 1 Process Color Service

3 Options

a- Lapsed Maintenance ADD AN HOUR

$5 per Loc. This Service will cover an Hours worth of Repairs. That is equivalent of 6 Loc repairs.

Starting at $30 · 1 hour

b- Loc Detox ADD ON

With continued, and even occasional use, waxes, gels, pomades and other styling products collect over time and leave a residue in your dreadlocks. When this happens, simply washing your hair is not enough to get the gunk out of your dreads and greater measures are necessary to restore your hair’s healthy shine and natural glow. YOU NEED A DETOX.

2 Options

c- Razorline Finish ADD ON

Haircut of your choice finshed with a “razor line” around the perimeter of the hairline and beard. (“Razor lines” add an additional 2-3 days to the life and a hairline, as well as add definition.)

$5 · 5 minutes

d- Beard/Goate Maintenance ADD ON

Goate or a beard trim.

$10 · 10 minutes

e- Design Lines ADD ON

Hard parts and or freestyle designs. Starting at $5 and goes up based on complexity of the design.

Starting at $5 · 10 minutes

h-Squeaky Clean Scalp Exfoliation ADD ON

If your scalp tends to flake or you notice a Build up on your scalp it may be time for a Scalp exfoliation. Add this gentle but effective Scalp exfoliating service add on to clean and clear the hair follicle leaving behind a clean healthy scalp.

$20 · 10 minutes


Add on

$2 · 5 minutes

n- Loc Starter Kit

$40 · 5 minutes

Gee Gee