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Promotion Oxygen Peel, Lift & Infuse
This treatment is a one of kind facial experience featuring a double oxygen peel with plumping and lifting effects. Using hyperbaric oxygen with diamond peel to resurface cells while infusing skin specific serums to feed the layers of the skin nourishment & repair. To revitalize dull skin, pulsing Oxywave facial lifting with bio-available liquid oxygen minerals will tone, tighten and sculpt for a natural rejuvenation to provide skin brightening, calming, purifying and overall skin clarity. Includes custom Organic serums for each skin type.
Help me choose
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Eminence Organic Ritual
The essential facial with a detailed skin analysis & measure of the skin’s hydration levels to access skin concerns. Featuring the Award Winning Eminence Organic Line, treatment begins with an ultrasonic cleansing with botanical enzymes to remove dead skin cells & decongest pores. Gentle extractions release impurities prior to high frequency to oxygenate & eliminate bacteria. Hungarian massage techniques lift & relax facial muscles with a cocktail of Organic masques that activate cellular function to increase circulation. Organic moisturizer & SPF seal moisture to protect and leave skin smooth and healthy.
Infuse Cocktail Facial:
Clinical treatment using plant based collagen, hyaluronic & marine peptide ampoules with Aqua-Fuse active infusion to smooth, repair & strengthen skin tissue. Facial begins with Bio-Brasion Dermabrasion to exfoliate using (wet diamond tip) applied over a cocktail of the organic plant based serums, allowing the skin to absorb while removing unhealthy skin gently. Customized Organic masques are massaged in & infused with Galvanic current to increase penetration, & boost cellular metabolism. Promotes collagen & elastin in the skin while improving hydration levels, leaving a silky finish. Recommended for sensitive & dehydrated skin types.
Hydrogen Aqua-Toning with Light Infusion
Clear & Hydrate Acne, Aging & Pore hydration treatment uses Hydrogen toning with spiral peeling to cleanse & extract white/black heads non-invasively with keratin removal. Hydrogen, the smallest particle & most effective antioxidant, is used to exfoliate the skin on a cellular level, removing harmful free radicals, preventing aging, clearing pores & reducing acne. To repair, Lightwave LED infusion with customized serums target inflammation to heal skin tissue & rejuvenate cells, promoting a healthier, clearer skin. Deep pore cleansing, exfoliating & Oxygenating to kill harmful P. Acnes bacteria & free radicals that cause aging. Excellent for Deep Cleansing & Anti-Aging
Organic Oxygen Facial (Get the Glow)
Oxygen is an essential element for life, it is Oxygen time for the skin life using cosmeceutical grade Organic ingredients with hyperbaric Oxygen. Bio-Brasion dermabrasion & Aqua-toning eliminate free radicals to prep the skin for a nourishing oxygen masque that is penetrated with Light Infusion to stimulate circulation & energize skin cells. To finish, an application of Oxygen with organic therapeutic blends customized for your skin condition is infused, providing a calming, firming and cooling finish. Ideal for inflamed skin to promote healing & moisture, leaving a radiant & glowing result. No petrochemicals or synthetic ingredients.
DNA Cellular Facial with Signal Pro
DNA skin care merges Nutraceutical & Cosmecuetical ingredients to treat the epidermal layer (10% of skin) while influencing the dermal layer (90% of skin) at the cellular level with Signal Pro Cryo-Therapy. “Signal” is indicative of its action to enhance and promote cellular communication by infusing a vital nutrient for optimal skin cell duplication & renewal, using the latest in a professional, proprietary cultured medium technology. Treatment features an Ionic Lactic Peel, organic masques & booster serum infusion with galvanic current & Led light therapy to provide dynamic rejuvenating & corrective results with Organic ingredients and technical skin science formulation. Recommended for Aging, Acne & Hyper-pigmented skin types.
Trinity Therapy Lifting Facial
Trinity Therapy is the Ultimate facial experience with a trio of effective modalities paired with award winning Organic products from Eminence Organic Skin Care. Treatment begins with a triple cleanse to lift debris followed by a firming enzyme to remove congestion in the pore, preparing for Aqua-Infuse dermabrasion to infuse peptides & hyaluronic into the skin for plumping and deep hydration. Micro-Current Therapy, a researched technology that targets ATP, the cell fuel, is then performed in targeted sequence to lift and tone the facial muscles while promoting collagen and firming skin texture. For the perfect finish, hyperbaric Oxygen is paired with an infusion of patented organic serums selected for your skin type and applied to the skin for a calming and glowing result. Skin is firmer, calmer, and deeply hydrated.
The highly effective device allows for cell stimulation and overall rejuvenation by stimulating collagen & elastin to the skin. Featuring a device that opens the micro-channels while plunging sterile serums into the superficial layers of the skin, allowing instant plumping and collagen boosting. Treatment includes customized exfoliation & serums for your skin type wiht Led light infusion. Acne scars, pigmentation, melasma & wrinkles are visibly reduced. Includes Enzyme, Masque and LED therapy with your choice of arm or scalp massage.
Nano-Facial utilizes cutting-edge Nano-Technology, the pressure points of Japanese Acupressure (principles of Yoga facial exercises) and the cool touch of Cold Therapy to deliver optimal facial results by deeply penetrating organic serums with a unique, Nano-Technology wand for corrective results. Facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, LED light therapy with Organic Masque. Recommended for blemishes, sun & age spots, fine lines and more. Awarded Estheticians Choice of treatment.
Eminence Arctic Berry Peel
Enzymes break down unhealthy skin cells with a blend of four Organic antioxidant-rich plants to prevent visible signs of aging while essential vitamins, minerals & Omega 3 replenish the skin's moisture & restore skin's elasticity. Natural acids, hibiscus extract & Actiwhite help to lift pigment and restore luminosity to the skin. Results are a dramatically refined, smoother and brighter skin.
Eminence Mangosteen Peel
Antioxidant-rich plants & enzymes prevent visible signs of aging while essential minerals with Omega 3 replenish moisture & boost skin's elasticity. Natural acids, arctic plants & Actiwhite help to lift pigment and restore luminosity to the skin. To finish, a strengthening peptide cream leaves a dramatically smoother and brighter skin.
Lacto-Ionic Gel Peel tm
Lactic Acid is a non-irritating & a naturally occuring human metabolite that is milder than other peels & is well tolerated by most skin types, including rosacea & sensitive skin. A component of natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of the stratum corneum is a humectant and can remove outer layers of thickened or damaged skin while leaving a healthier appearance. Excellent for acne, rosacea & sun damaged skin with desired results achieved with continued treatments.
Bio-Brasion Dermabrasion
Featuring both wet and dry technology, Bio Brasion is a crystal-free, low-suction, abrasion system that uses gentle vibration with customized levels of exfoliation using unique, interchangeable tips that are slowly passed across the skin’s surface to lift off the outermost dry, damaged layers of the skin, revealing the healthy skin beneath while delivering increased skin correction with active infusions. Safe for all skin types (including red and sensitive complexions) this treatment delivers immediate results with noticeable improvements to skin texture and appearance with no downtime. Treats chest and body areas including keratosis pilaris. Skin is tighter, deeply hydrated with extremely soft results.
Design & Define
Eyebrow design with waxing and/or professional tweezing for shaping includes custom tinting
Design and Define without tint
Eyebrow design with hard wax and/or professional tweezing No tinting
Color your brow
Brow tint enhancing your natural brow to frame the eye.
Enhance your Lash
Custom lash tinting to compliment your eye color; enhance natural lashes
Lift your Lash
Instant root lift to add volume and enhance length to your natural lashes
Makeup Consultation & Color Match Selection
Perfect your makeup application with ease that is efficient and effective. Whether you are looking for high-definition or a natural look, you will gain tips on how to apply foundation, highlighter and multi-use color to achieve your desired look.
Lip Plumping w/ Microcurrent
A trio of enzymes, peptides & collagen make this a serious lip treatment. Lip area is cleansed & exfoliated followed by applying Mirco-Current with collagen ampoules, aiding in smoothing fine lines around the mouth while an infusion of hyaluronic promotes hydration & plumping. Natural & chemical free
Eye Repair w/ Activecell
ActiveCell is instantly activated collagen identical to the skin combined with swiss apple stem cells that slow down signs of aging. Exfoliation removes unhealthy cells to prep for a gentle pressure-point massage followed by an Eye masque with freeze-dried insoluable fibres of peptides. Micro-Current lift is incorporated to increase circulation & lessen fine lines & wrinkle depth.
Neck & Decollete w/ Stem Cell
Neck & Decollete w/ Stem Cells Edelweiss StemCells tm are formulated to firm sagging skin while reducing wrinkles in the neck, chin & decollete area. Tightens, stimulates circulation, removes toxins, melts fat & inhibits the formation of fat deposits. Based in Hyaluronic with potent ingredients Adiposlim, Adipoless, Idealift & Majestem to counteract gravity & lift sagging jowls, neck & decollete. Includes take home neck band for home use.
Cocktail Micro-Current Lift
Lifts, tones, reduces fine lines and wrinkles helping to plump hydration using Micro-Current Therapy.
Lightwave LED Therapy
Light Therapy to improve acne, aging and sensitivity
Elegantly Soft Underarm Area
Delicate waxing for underarm area
Clean Lines Bikini Line
Gentle Hard wax for delicate area
Completely Smooth Brazilian Wax
Full Brazilian Wax with Hard Wax
Half Leg Wax
Retail/ Service consultation
Lash lift, tint, Brow was & brow tint package
Brow wax/No tint with Lash Lift
Collagen Infusion Masque -Add on
A concentrated masque containing collagen to increase moisture, tone and resilency while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
HD Hyaluronic Masque- Add on
Hyaluronic Delivery masque is a moisture packed enhancing gel masque with high levels of essential hyaluronic acid, which mimics the body's natural hydrator. Contours and locks moisture while enhancing actives applied underneath.
Hydrating Cellulosic Masque- Add on
Made from Raw Material, bamboo, this masque replenishes skin’s moisture levels with hyaluronic acid, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with Argireline. This mask’s soft blend of allantoin and seaweed extract soothes, nourishes & tightens. Environmentally green material.
Organic O2Glow on the Go -Add on
Signature mist of Oxygen with Organic Vitamins is propelled onto the skin to nourish and revitalize the skin cells. Oxygen is an excellent nutrient for collagen and elastin & the body uses its own oxygen supply & other nutrients to increase the strength of the collagen and elastin fibers. Results are increased suppleness and elasticity of the skin.
Eminence Organic Peel- Add on
Arctic Berry; Illuminating & Brightening Mangosteen; Pore cleaning & Hydrating
Upper Lip Wax
Lacto-Ionic Peel TM Add On
Add on Bio-Brasion Dermabrasion
Add Topical Light Infusion
Add Hydrogen Toning
Skin Care Consultation
Add on sculplla
Light Infusion With DNA Stem Cell
Add on Micro-Channeling
ProCell MicroNeedling
Lip wax
Mini-Facial with Energy LED

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