As restrictions begin to ease, we will remain closed as new information on how COVID-19 affects animals is coming from the CDC. All services are unavailable for booking until further notice.

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Pet + House Sitting (Per Day)

(30 minutes is the time that the in-person appointment takes. Choose a time when you're available to chat in-person so we can sort out details like inside access, preferred diet, and any questions. We'll come over to your place, free of charge!) Get the complete care your pet deserves, and your house chores taken care of with JServices Pet + House Sitting. We'll stay with your pets and treat them how they like to be treated. Whether they require constant care, or just a regular check in, we have your pets covered. We'll feed them, walk them, pick up their waste, and take care of any special needs. Please make sure that you have a sufficient food supply ready for the duration of your trip. We'll also get your garden work done, trash taken care of, mail picked up, dishes done, and whatever else you need. Plus, tons of pet pictures!

$5 Per Day $5 · 30 minutes

Dog Walking

Get your pets out and about with JServices. Your pets can go as far as they want, as long as they want. Just tell us your preferred route. Multiple dogs? No problem. If you have extra leashes, we can take any other pets along. After the walk, we'll wipe your pets with a dog wipe to take care of any allergens collected during the walk. We only recommend booking this service if you live in a neighborhood. This service does not require you to be home when we complete it. Simply let your dog in your backyard for example, and we'll go open your gate if you leave it unlocked, so we can complete your service. Your pet will be returned to the area we picked them up from. Limit 1 dog for this option.

$8 · 45 minutes

Pet Waste Pickup

Clear your yard of pet waste with JServices. All pet waste is picked up and disposed of responsibly. With pet waste pickup, you can enjoy your yard again. This service does not require you to be home at your service time. Please keep any applicable gates or entrances unlocked so we can open it and complete your service.

$10 · 1 hour


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