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It is so important to see the person not the condition. We are all very different with unique twist and challenges, so the same herbs or techniques applied to the same condition may not work. The natural options and practices should be chosen to treat the whole person as well as their imperfections, their diet, their psychology, their history, their tastes, their lifestyle, and their joys and sorrows. We always try to set a person up to succeed, by considering their preferences, abilities, stamina, and financial resources into account when helping choose their plant medicines and mindfulness practices.
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There are different consultation options to meet the unique needs of our clients. In all of our one on one consultations, we meet with clients to discuss their needs and carefully craft a manageable goal and a plan. MJ's consulting services include customized herbal use plans, advice and basic herbal skills training for beginners, trouble-shooting for advanced patients, dosage tracking, strain and method customization, herbal relevant mindfulness techniques, and guidance for strain sensitive patients.
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