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Private Lessons

One-on-one instruction with PGA Instructor of your choice. Includes video analysis with V1 and lesson synopsis.

6 Options

Operation 36 Class

Monthly fee for Operation 36

2 Options

Semi-Private Lesson

2 people sharing 1 hour of instruction with PGA Instructor - price is per person

2 Options

TPI Basic Package

$400 · 1 hour

TPI Assessment with Carissa

TPI Assessment with Carissa Shaw and follow up discussion on findings, evaluating report from assessment.

$200 · 1 hour

Junior Private Lesson

1 hour private lesson with junior 15 and under with PGA Instructor.

6 Options

Mini Winter Program

3 lesson, 3 practice sessions and TPI Assessment by Carissa Shaw

2 Options

On Course Instruction

2 hours 30 minutes

Coach Now

Online Coaching Access with Team Griffin $50/month - upload video/week This access is included in some lesson packages!

30 minutes

Griffin Club

Monthly Access to Team Griffin

4 Options

Practice time in Studio

Come work on your game at the studio. Feel free to come hang out!

$40 · 1 hour

Winter Program

6 Private Lessons and 6 Supervised Practices and TPI Assessment with follow-up session for mobility/flexability.

2 Options