The Natural Nailist

License Nail Technician
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
2:00 PM - 7:00 PM
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Open today until 6:00 PM

Our Services

French Manicure
French Pedicure
Gel Polish W/soak Off
Express Manicure
No soaking
Soak Off
Basic Pedicure
Polish Change Hands Only
Combo (Mani/pedi)
Deep Conditioner (Relaxed Hair)
Cut&style Relaxed Hair
Cut&style Natural Hair
Nape Shape Up
Basic Manicure
Hot Oil Manicure
Warm lotion mixed with oil instead of water
Gel Polish Manicure
Green Tea Soak (Hands)
Add on to any service for $5.00
Express Pedicure
No soaking
Gel Polish Pedicure
Exquisite Pampering For Her
Basic mani/pedi Leg/hand scrub Hot towel Mask on feet/hands ADD GEL POLISH/FRENCH $10
Detox Foot Spa
Relaxing 30 minute treatment Warm salt water soothes your feet and reacts with carbon cartridge to energize and heal your feet
Express Manicure
No soaking
Basic Manicure
Hot Oil Manicure
Warm lotion mixed with oil instead of water
Express Pedicure
No soaking
Basic Pedicure
Deluxe Pampering For Him
Basic mani/pedi Leg/hand scrub Hot towel Mask on hands/feet
Diamonds Manicure
Diamonds Pedicure
Diamonds Combo (Mani/Pedi)
Diamond Gel Polish Manicure
Diamonds Gel Polish Only
Diamonds Polish Change (Hands)
Diamonds Polish Change (Feet)
Polish Change (Feet)
Nail Art
Price depends on the design
Glitter Polish Remover
Gel Top Coat
Gel Polish Hands
Gel Poilsh Feet
Nails Trim/cut Down
Relaxer W/style
Includes ends trim
Relaxer Retouch
Perm /curl
Kids Hair Cut
Kids Hair Trim
Steam Condition
Hydrates, add moisture, softens and enhances elasticity
Hair Trim
Scalp Treatment
Flat Iron/ Silk Press (Relaxed)
Relaxed hair
Flat Iron/ Silk Press (Natural)
Natural hair
Roller Set
Relax hair only
Rod Set (Relaxed)
Relaxed hair
Rod Set (Natural)
Natural hair
Flex Rods (Relaxed)
Relaxed hair
Flex Rods (Natural)
Natural hair
Quick Weave
Starts @ $70 and up
Kids Crochet
Ages 5yrs-13yrs
Chi Set (Relaxed Hair)
Relaxed hair
Chi Set (Natural Hair)
Natural hair
Starter Locs
Varies by hair length
Starter Locs W/shamppo
Retwist Locs
Price varies by length Add $5 for shampoo
Retwist Package
Includes shampoo & style
Kids Retwist Package
Includes shampoo & styles
Twisted Out Style
Flat or two strand
Epsom Salt Soak
You can add any soak to your pedicure for $10
Listerine Soak
Honey Lemon Soak
Lemon Soak
Foot odor soak
Marcel on short hair only
Kids Up Dos
Any up do hair style without adding hair Varies with hair
Up Dos
It starts at $60 and goes up depending on the style
Hair Cut w/style
Cut that includes style
Shampoo/blow dry

Our Staff

LaToya Britton