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2-hour Standard Cleaning

Standard Cleaning - any rooms you need cleaned within the two hour time frame. *Windows and changing sheets/bed making are not included*

$69.75 · 2 hours

Move in/out cleaning

Move in/out cleaning for Philadelphia & South Jersey area -House -Apartment -Wall cleaning is not included -Carpet cleaning is not included

Call for a quote · 4 hours

Window cleaning - interior

Window cleaning -interior only- $8 each window - tracks included

$9 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Floor cleaning

Focus only on the floors. -Sweep/vacuum & mop floors, stairs included. -Up to 3 hours - additional cost will apply over 3 hours *Great for customer's with pets*

Call for a quote · 3 hours

Cleaning inside kitchen cabinets/drawers

We’ll remove all items clean the cabinets/drawers and place all items back in the cabinets and drawers. *Additional cost may apply if cleaning is over 3 hours*

Call us for a quote · 3 hours

Refrigerator Cleaning - Double Doors

Inside & outside of fridge. *cleaning ice maker is NOT included*

$48.50 · 2 hours 20 minutes

Standard House Cleaning

Not included in the cleaning: -Cleaning glass windows -Cleaning inside of closets and cabinets -Vacuuming sofa cushions -Wishes dishes -Cleaning unfinished basement

3 hours 10 minutes

Deep Cleaning

Not included: -Carpet cleaning -Moving heavy furniture -Exterior window cleaning -Organizing closets and cabinets -Laundry -Washing dishing

4 hours 30 minutes

3-hour Standard Cleaning

Standard Cleaning - any rooms you need cleaned within the three hour time frame. *Windows and changing sheets/making beds are not included*

$95.50 · 3 hours

4-hour Standard Cleaning

Standard Cleaning 2 cleaners is 2 hours which equals 4 hours 1 cleaner equals 4 hours

$165.50 · 4 hours

Oven Cleaning

Inside/outside of the oven

$35.20 · 1 hour

Refrigerator Cleaning - Standard fridge

Inside/outside of the fridge -Standard fridge

$39.50 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Apartment Standard Cleaning

1 and 2 bedrooms apartments up to 1000 sqft Philadelphia area only *Standard Cleaning only Deep Cleaning and Move in/out are not valid*

$71.50 · 3 hours


Nadia Jefferson