BODY PIERCING BOOKINGS ONLY. For anything tattoo related call us at 519-767-0801. Due to COVID-19 directives from the Health Unit, we are UNABLE to do any new nose, mouth, eyebrow piercings at this time. UPDATE: AS OF JUNE 24, EAR PIERCINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED. This applies across Ontario. We will update this as new directives are issued. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and support. Thanks, and stay safe!

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Body PIERCING (Navel, Nipple, etc)

DUE TO COVID 19 PROTOCOLS, we are currently UNANBLE to do any face piercings (nose, mouth eyebrow, and as of June 24, NO EARS). This is an Ontario wide restriction, and we will update as this changes. Thanks for your understanding. Choose this option for body PIERCING services. Average booking time is 20 minutes, give or take. Please be aware, we do not pierce tongues, genitals, or do micro-dermals and surface piercings. Questions about piercings? Call us at 519-767-0801

20 minutes


HEALED piercings needing jewellery changes (either with a jewellery purchase, or with client's exiting, appropriate jewellery). COVID 19 Directives from Public Heath prevent us from changing or removing jewellery from the face. Apologies!

Price Varies · 15 minutes


problem piercings, irritations, concerns about healing, jewellery removal. Having troubles, let's take a look!

Price Varies · 15 minutes


questions about piercings, options, brain storming. Book for FREE, it's your chance to chat about anything and everything to do with your potential piercing! Having problems with an existing piercing, pick TROUBLE-SHOOTING instead.

Price Varies · 10 minutes


Mark McAlpine