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COVID - 19 Disinfecting

This is a DOWN PAYMENT - In order to get on our schedule and have your facility Disinfected. Disinfecting of your business/facility using manual methods (wiping) as well as Disinfecting Air Misting/Fogging (to cover every square inch of the space). Typical Scope of Work: Includes but not limited to: Manually wipe and disinfect Door Handles, Light Switches, Desk Tops, Keyboards, Telephones, Chair Backs and Adjustment Knobs, Break Rooms, Rest Rooms, Conference Rooms, Manufacturing Areas, Production Areas, Forklifts, Loading Dock Doors & Buttons. Finish with an Air Disinfecting Treatment.

Pricing varies according to the size of your facility. The price down payment of $500 will be deducted from the total project cost. If your project costs $1,000, then you'd owe us $500. $500 ยท 6 hours 30 minutes


Nationwide Commercial Cleaning Staff

Our Enviro Tek Team members are always friendly & and courteous, we cannot guarantee which one of our team members will show up to your appointment, we can guarantee however that they should be on time & prepared with everything needed to get the job done.