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*New Client- 15 Min FREE Consultation

*New Client* Consultation 15 minutes duration; additional consultations or returning customers will need to be booked standard consultation

Free · 15 minutes

*Current Client* - 1-hour Working Session

1-hour meeting for current clients only, Mon-Thurs.

Free · 1 hour

30-min Consultation

30-min consultation for new and return customers for any service. *This consultation does not take the place of Idea to Profit services and products (sold separately).

$50 · 30 minutes

60-min Consultation

60-min consultation for returning clients and new clients who need consulting and guidance in business development *Consultation does not take the replace of I2P services and products (sold separately)

$100 · 1 hour

Creator 2 Educator Workshop

DIY- Expert Guidance In this workshop you will learn: Effective Mind Mapping Strategies to initiate content creation The C2L 3-Prong Approach to developing clear and consistent content How to effectively determine the correct deliverable for your content

$297 · 2 hours

Author & Publishing Consulting

I2P offers three (3) pkgs for author consulting and Project Management services: 1. eBook Development- Starts at $500 2. Amazon and Publishing- Starts at $2000 3. World-wide distribution- Starts at $4000 * Please see service pkg for full details

Starting At · 5 minutes

Sponsorship Consulting

Idea to Profit will: Develop Sponsorship Pkg to include: - Sponsorship Proposal - Sponsorship Letter - Sponsorship Agreement - Sponsorship Levels - Pitch Deck and 3-5 company recommendations for solicitation

$750 · 15 minutes

Signature Learning Consultation

Signature Learning Consultation: an 8-hour laser focused experience for content creators, learners, entrepreneurs, and authors. We will develop your content, draft high-level learning outline, build your objectives, develop full learning outline and curriculum (or program) and select appropriate deliverable. Consultation will also include education on the 4 levels of assessment and measurement; and I will set-up the the L1 and L2 for your curriculum.

$997 · 5 hours

Pathway 2 Profit Program

I2P Proprietary Program which includes: - Content Development - Branding - Branding Responsibly - Video, Visibility, and Impact - Delegation & Business Process

$5,000 · 30 minutes



Owner and CEO of Idea to Profit, Inc. Learning Consultant, Author and Expert Instructional Designer