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Our Services

Interior Detail
Known for our signature matter finish, the factory condition, not the dealership, but the day the auto rolled off the factory floor is the condition we strive for. With every piece of equipment on hand, we've got the right machine for the job. From Steam cleaners, water carpet extractors, cleaning solution air guns, vacuums and more we going over everything head to floor. We dont use perfumes or greasy dressings to fool you into thinking it's clean. You'll feel the comfort and see the difference of a professional clean. You're satisfaction is our guarantee. Rough outline of the process; but could vary in order based on the vehicle, condition, and other services rendered. Compressed Air blow out, Vacuum, clean carpets & upholstery, plastics & leather, inside glass & mirrors, compartments & trunk.
Exterior Detail
Rims & Tires, pressure & hand wash, door jams & glass, compressed air/towel dry, machine wax & rubber dressing & black plastic shine.
Full Detail
Interior & Exterior Detail Package Compressed Air Blowout, Vacuum, Carpet & upholstery refresher, leather wash & wipe, inside glass, all surfaces cleaned with boars hair brush & microfiber towel. Steam & or Water extractor if needed. Exterior pressure & hand wash, tire dressing and synthetic long lasting Meguiar's wax. Windows, door jams and trunk. Satisfaction garaunteed .
Paint Correction & Surface Reconditioning
Paint Defects, Water Spots, chemical stains, & other bonded contaminants. Environmental, industrial fallout, tree sap, overspray, paint transfer, scratches, swirls, holograms, leveling & texture matching. Single & 2 stage paint. Wet Sanding, compounding, clay bar, polishing, buff, sealant & protection products. *Hourly Rate*
Headlight Restoration
Hazy, clouded headlights can affect how well you see at night and make it difficult for oncoming traffic to see you. Luckily, this can easily be avoided with headlight restoration. Restoring your vehicle’s headlights will provide you with the best possible on-road lighting to ensure your safe The Process: Headlight Restoration a la carte Start by cleaning each headlight with Meguairs all purpose cleaner Then mask off the outer edge of the headlights protecting surrounding paint/trim I lay a Zero scratch material on the hood, and windshield to lessen cleanup time (overspray/sling) Then I wet sand each lamp with multiple grits starting at 320 grit up to 500>800>1000>1500>3000 grit both headlights fresh disc per light at each grit using 3" disc on a foam interface pad connected to a Dewalt 20v drill & filtered h20 pump sprayer. Then i use a wool 3" pad with compound Then a 3" foam pad with Meguiars plastic polish Then I wipe down with a microfiber towell Add meguiars headlight protectant on each lamp, sealing the clear plastic.
"For Sale" Detail
Returning your car to a like new condition with results that will get attention and stand out on a listing. This service is as detailed as any other with a focus on the "Turn on's & Turn off's". Any trace of the previous owner is removed, like the grime that builds up places you touch, steering wheel, knobs, etc. This allows the buyer to feel as comfortable as possible when seated as if it was a new car. Engine, Interior, Exterior Detail, Trim Restore, Stain treatment, Odor Removal, Steam Clean, Headlight Restoration, paint cleaner wax by machine polisher & more. Includes photos for your listing and “For Sale” postings for your auto on our website and social media. Get your full asking price and sell quick. (2.5 day on the market average as of 8/18) (This does not include paint correction, but does include a machine wax)
Detail "Add On"
In addition to an Interior, Exterior or Full Detail, a number of specific services are available per request. Dollar amount reflects the time & products applied. This can be applied or canceled at anytime as materials are in stock. Time will vary depending on service. Service Add Ons : Headlight restore Trim Restore, De-Badging, Engine Bay Detail, Rim Polishing, Clay Bar Service, Adhesive Removal, Tint Removal (charged per layer), Windshield Clay & Polish, Emblem Polishing, Carpeted Floor Mats Shampoo Cleaning, Undercarriage Deep Clean, Mud'er Pre-Wash to Wash Fee, DIY accessories & paint Clean-Up, Truck Camper/Sleeper Interior Detail (exterior included), Cig Smoke Smell Treatment, Hazmat Clean-Up (varies on type, size and danger level. Feel free to ask about any listed or any not listed you are specifically looking for. This fee on your bill guarantees your satisfaction for the service requested.
Engine Detail
Compressed Air debris blow out Protect/cover electrical components Engine degreaser Power rinse Compressed Air & towel dry Black plastic dressing
RV Wash & Express Wax
Exterior Pressure/Hand Wash & Dry, synthetic spray wax using Meguiar's industry leading Express Wax from their Pro Detailing product line. It's synthetic formula last longer and easier to apply then traditional paste waxs' making the process quicker and it's safe to apply in the sun. Works great on all surfaces making the RV pop once once again. With a 100 gal. filtered water tank and a Cat Pump on board there isn't a job too big for us. Thank You
Boat Surface Correction
Gel-Coat Defect Correction - Sun Damage, Oxidation, Scratches, Paint transfers, haze & fade appearance reversal. Wet Sanding is our most efficient course of action and our process is tailored per vessel. Due to the various amounts of defects and severity this is a hourly rate service. The rate reflects the labor, machines and products needed to complete the task efficiently at the standards we hold ourselves to. *Hourly Rate*
Boat Detail (Cost By the Foot)
Wash & Wax Interior Cleaning, Vapor Steam Vynyl Scrub, condition, Protect Trailer Wash Compressed Air Cleaning Gun Vacuum Glass Rubbers & Plastics Carpets & Decking + Cabin Seating & Storage Please Remove all gear and personals
Ceramic Coating Application
Designed to be applied on to defect free paint coatings creating a thin clear glossy shell of protection with water shed properties. We start by giving the auto a "Bare Bone" wash, meaning any waxes or dressings that might on the paint are stripped and the bare paint is accessible allowing for maximum bond. Then its a matter of applying a thin consistent layer of product on every inch of paint. Please allow 48hrs before washing but any rain that might fall isnt a problem, it will shed right off. Thank You, we use C.Quartz coatings.
Water Spotting & Chemical Stain Removal
The water spots that wont wash off, commonly found on glass and metal surfaces, need a special treatment to remove safely. This process is timely that varies depending on the amount of defect being treated.
Boulder Boats
Zero Chem Clean (Interior)
This service features our “Super Vapor 6” Commercial Grade Steam Cleaner. Using the power of steam the interior of your car will look & feel like never before. Grime and Odor causing bacteria dont stand a chance. A safe alternative to traditional chemical based cleaners.
Contract Work
Per Auto, Boat, Rv Negotiated price reserved for automobile industry professionals.
Camper Trailer/Toy Hauler & Cargo
Wash, Xpress Wax by Meguiars Price by the linear foot.
Rv/Camper Detail w/ Oxidation removal
cost by the foot

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