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60-Minute Refresher

This is an all around favorite for clients who simply need 60 minutes of vacation in the middle of a hectic work week. Using a variety of Swedish Massage techniques, each 60-minute session will hit every major muscle group, leaving you with a sense of wellness and calm and a feeling of relaxation that you can carry with you for the rest of the day — and throughout the rest of your crazy day-to-day New York City lifestyle...

$145 · 1 hour

90-Minute Overhaul

Each head-to-toe 90-minute session combines both Swedish Massage techniques and highly specific and intended Deep-Tissue Work. Your body will be transported to a place of calm and optimal functioning that it may have never before experienced. Once introduced to a full 90 minutes of this brand of intuitive, complete, caring, and comprehensive touch, anything less will never do...

$185 · 1 hour 30 minutes

2Hour Reboot

This is the Rolls Royce of all massage experiences — 120 minutes of the finest Swedish and Deep-Tissue Techniques that leave no stone unturned. Trigger Point, Positional Release, and PNF Stretching are just a few of the tools that you’ll discover from a toolbox full of the most effective and up-to-date massage techniques known. Add to that an intuitive, caring touch and a peaceful, energetically rich studio and you’ll leave feeling like you’ve been reconstructed from the ground up. This isn’t simply a massage — it’s an event not to be missed.

$225 · 2 hours


Eric Dean Davis