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TotalFit: Health & Fitness Coaching was created to help individuals create happier, healthier lives through physical activity and healthy behavior modification. Owner and trainer Vera Ross is on a mission to share her passion for health with those who are looking to make lasting and meaningful lifestyle changes. TotalFit takes a holistic approach to training- clients are coached through personalized workout sessions, and also offered guidance on their daily routines, meals, clean eating, and all the elements of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. TotalFit's mission is to ensure that each client walks away with a solid foundation and results that they know how to maintain on their own. Book your complimentary consultation today!
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Our Services

Strategy Session
Discover how health coaching can put your health and fitness goals into action with this 30 minute consultation meeting. These sessions can be done in person, via phone call, FaceTime or Skype, depending upon your preference and location.
Fitness Consultation and Trial Training Session
This 60 minute appointment is designed to assess your fitness needs. A trial training session will accompany this consultation.
Personal Training Session
Private fitness training
Semi-Private Training Session
Workout with a partner! A semi-private session allows your coach to give you the full attention of a private session, with the fun and dynamic energy of a team workout!
Small Group Training Session
Workout in teams of 2, 3, or 4 people! The small group ensures that your coach is able to provide individual attention while facilitating a higher intensity, boot camp style group fitness experience!
In-Home Training
Your coach will bring the workout to you! Workout in the comfort of your home or office gym facility. One-on-one, semi-private, or group options available. Prices vary depending on the size of the group and the duration of the training session.
Coaching Call- Remote
The coaching call is your accountability check-in. We will use this time to discuss your progress towards your goals, as well as strategize action items for you to accomplish between coaching sessions.
Health Coaching Session
These sessions are designed to keep you accountable to the health goals you and Coach Vera are working towards. Celebrate your successes, develop strategies for next steps, and remain engaged in your coaching process with these one-on-one appointments! This weekly meeting can be done in person at your preferred location, or over the phone or FaceTime.
The “Jump Start” 12 week Private Coaching Program
Jump start your health goals with this 3 month one-on-one health coaching program designed to help individual clients work towards their unique health goals. Designed to help clients achieve sustainable weight loss and healthy habits, the Jump Start program includes weekly workouts, in person check-in meetings, accountability coaching, personalized daily support, and more!

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