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Thank you for scheduling your book trade with us! We look forward to seeing you soon. Here are some things to remember for your appointment: *We are considering clean books in very good condition. *We will not consider any books that need to first be cleaned (dust, dirt, cobwebs, bugs, animal fur). *Limit 3 containers per visit (no bigger than banker boxes or reusable grocery bags). *We will not take books in trash bags or massive plastic bins. You must be able to lift your own boxes onto our countertop. *Please be prepared to stay while we look through your books. You will have the shop to yourself for the duration of your 30-minute appointment. *We are not allowing drop-offs or donations, NO EXCEPTIONS. *All books that we do not keep must be taken with you. We cannot accept donations or dispose of books on behalf of customers. *We give fair trade credit or cash for all books that we keep. These parameters are necessary for us to run an organized and efficient business while keeping our staff and customers safe and our store disinfected and clean. We appreciate your understanding in regards to our requirements for book trading and buying at this time. We very much appreciate your business!

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