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Interior/Exerior Detail

Perform interior and exterior detail.

300.00 · 6 hours

Exterior Detail

Hand wash, clay bar paint, polish paint, glaze, and seal paint. We dress tires and clean exterior glass.

4 hours

Interior Detail

Vacuum, clean interior, shampoo fabrics, detail interior, and clean interior glass.

4 hours

Show Car Package

Complete detail includes engine bay

8 hours

Hand Wash Car

Hand wash exterior, vaccuum interior and wipe down. Glass cleaned.

1 hour

Stage 1 Paint Correction

Remove 50-75% scratches on vehicle finish.

500.00 · 4 hours

Stage 2 Paint Correction

75-100% scratch removal from paint finish.

1,000.00 · 8 hours

Ceramic Coating CQuartz

Apply ceramic coating to painted areas only.

1,000.00 · 4 hours

Maintenance Detail

Handwash remove iron deposits from exterior.

100.00 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Ceramic Glass Coating CQuartz

Ceramic coat exterior glass only.

175.00 · 2 hours

Headlight Restoration

Wet sand, polish, and seal headlight assembly.

2 hours

Handwash Truck

Hand wash exterior, vacuum interior, wipe down, and clean all glass.

1 hour 15 minutes

Engine Detail

Wash and detail engine bay.

1 hour

Ceramic interior coating

Ceramic coat all fabrics and leather if applicable.

4 hours

Ceramic coat wheels

Remove wheels, ceramic coat barrels and wheel.

4 hours

Opti-Coat 7 year exterior coating

Apply Opti-Coat 7 year coating to vehilce exterior. Price not valid on trucks.

8 hours

Opti-Coat 5 year coating

Apply 5 year ceramic coating to exterior painted surfaces. Price not valid on trucks.

8 hours

Opti-coat motorcycle coating

Apply Opti-coat coating to entire motorcycle.

4 hours

Opti-Guard interior coating

Apply Opti-Guard to interior of vehicle. Does not include leather.

2 hours 30 minutes

Opti-Guard Leather coating

Apply Opti-Guard on all leather surfaces.

4 hours

Window Tint

Apply window tint to vehicle.

4 hours 30 minutes


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