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MD Consultation Current Clients

This is a free service for current clients who would like to discuss their regimen. Free follow up!

Free · 30 minutes

Botox GC ( glabellar complex) 1 area

Those pesky 11’s! We price for the outcome that you deserve. There are complimentary touch ups included between days 10-14 post procedure.

$240 · 30 minutes

Botox 2 areas GC, crows feet, eyebrow lift plus GC

$500 · 30 minutes

Botox lower face lip flip, Chin, frown muscles

$240 · 30 minutes

Botox by the unit

This option is available if you prefer to use Botox option per unit instead of per area pricing.

30 minutes

Facetime MD Consultation ( virtual)

Virtual consultation option. Shipping for products is also available. The fee may be applied to services or products if purchased the same day.

$100 · 30 minutes

Microneedling with PRP

$750 · 1 hour 50 minutes

Microneedling and Resurfx same visit

$750 · 1 hour 45 minutes

Add injectiable PRP for natural filler, skin and dermal stimulation

$600 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Q- swiched yag: lunchtime laser for collagen induction and hyperigmentation

This includes BOTH arms, neck and chest. You may also choose face and neck with the arms instead! No downtime. It’s a beautiful way to decrease sun damage, the crepe look to the skin and hyperpigmentaion\melasma.

$150 · 30 minutes

Lip filler Tier 1

Juvéderm Ultra XC BEST FOR: A plush, pillowy effect

$800 · 1 hour

Specialized filler placement

Consult required

Requires consultation · 1 hour 25 minutes

Lip Filler Tier 2

This Tier is excellent for anyone over the age of 40, when lower facial volume and marionettes are kicking in. Replacing lost volume around the lips is every bit as important as rejuvenating the lips. Juvéderm Ultra XC BEST FOR: A plush, pillowy effect. The other option might be Juvederm XC Plus depending on the amount of correction required. Then, the same day or two weeks later, we will add Juvéderm Volbella XC BEST FOR: Defining the lip line (and treating fine lines around the mouth) Botox lip flip is included as well.

$1,500 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Facial Filler Tier 3

This is an excellent choice for women in their later 40's and older, or with a significant skin laxity from weight loss or other events. This includes Juvederm XC plus, Juvedem XC and Voluma! The property of each HA filler is slightly different and improves various lower face issues that would love to correct. This would focus on the mid face and into the lower face. Correction of the cheek area and nasolabial folds in addition to the lower face leads to an overall very pleasing aesthetic outcome. Lips may be added at the same time depending upon your goals. Lips would be an added price, botox is not included. This, as with all filler appointments, requires a consultation in advance.

$2,500 · 2 hours

Facial Red Carpet Glow, Client Favorite!

Epidermal exfoliation and renewal improves skin texture and tone Accelerated exfoliation of skin surface pigmentation creates a more even skin tone. Plus, our unique multi-targeted skin brightening approach helps prevent the formation of new pigmentation The perfect lunchtime facial – with no downtime and added anti-irritants and antioxidants, gentle enough for all skin types.

$125 · 45 minutes

Buy 3, get 1 free laser/microneedling/peel

$1,500 · 1 hour 40 minutes

Our Signature Facial with consultation

Facial for improving skin texture, acne, blackheads and dryness. ZO red carpet facial with additional add-ons as needed for your skin.

$130 · 45 minutes

PRP for hair regrowth

Fantastic clinically proven treatment to improve hair strength, encourage new growth and maintenance. Typically part of a series and always requires a consultation with Dr Marsala before starting.

$750 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Voluma Cheek Enhancement!

Wrinkles and lines aren’t the only signs of aging. Over time, the cheeks flatten, and the skin may begin to sag. This is caused by a natural loss of volume in the cheek area, or what the experts call age-related midface volume loss. JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC is designed to add volume beneath the skin’s surface to lift and contour the cheek area. This is one of our most requested filler services and for good reason! This filler can last up to 2 years. It is used to highlight your cheekbones, jawline improvement and chin augmentation.

Price starts at $850. · 1 hour 10 minutes

Microneedling with RF

Minimally invasive solution that uses fine micro-needles emitting both RF and non-thermal electrical energy to gently ablate the epidermis layer and volumize the dermal layer. Triggering regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers, by delivering focused RF energy in a safe and effective manner, inducing controlled heating of the deep dermis This has been remarkable for improvement in dermal skin plumping, wrinkle reduction especially under the eye, lip area lines, acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks and forehead wrinkles!

$500 · 1 hour 40 minutes

MD Personal Consultation New Clients

This is a consultation for new clients interested in medical advice and treatment recommendations. Consultation fee must be prepaid. Consultation fee will go towards procedures or products if used within 5 days. For cancellations, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance for a full refund.

$100 · 1 hour

Lumenis IPL "Photofacial" per area

Photorejuvenation refers to the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to treat conditions related to sun-induced skin damage. IPL uses a broad spectrum of light which is primarily absorbed by melanin and oxyhemoglobin and is effective in reducing the appearance of sun spots, capillaries, elastosis and fine lines.

$295 · 1 hour

Lip Filler for Slight Volume Increase

Juvederm Volbella XC injectable gel is for injection into the lips for lip augmentation and for correction of perioral lines. This is the softest and smoothest HA gel which leads to a hydrated, healthy look without the fear of appearing too plumped!

$800 · 1 hour

ZO Three Step Peel

Innovative and effective treatments for reducing the signs of aging and rejuvenating optimal skin health.  This potent stimulating peel designed for acne, melasma, sun damage, fine lines, texture roughness, large pores, and dullness.  It promotes softer, smoother skin and is suitable for any skin type or color.  Repeat every 4 to 6 weeks to achieve your desired result Specialized chemical peel. Limited to clients who have completed a 6-8 week program of retinoids and non hydroquinone or hydroquinone treatment. MUST STOP ABOVE SKIN CARE 4 DAYS PRIOR TO THIS PEEL. Downtime: 5-7 days for completion of skin recovery.

$300 · 1 hour


Melt away the fat pockets that are driving you crazy!

45 minutes

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening :Options Arms \ Legs\Abdomen

Typically, 3 treatments spaced about 3-4 weeks apart then followed by maintenance treatments as needed. Can be combined with RFMN ( same day)

Variable; starts at $ 200 for neck · 45 minutes

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening : Options Face, Neck

Targeting loose or wrinkled skin, RF uses energy to heat the dermis without damaging the top layer of skin. This tightens the underlying skin structure to create a more youthful appearance, without surgery. Packages available. We recommend 3 sessions, followed by or separated by RFMN

$200 · 45 minutes

Photo Fractional ( IPL plus Resurfx) Face or Neck or Chest

IPL first, followed by Resurfx treatment. Skin resurfacing procedures use lasers to reduce the signs of aging and improve skin texture, laxity and tone. They are also used for acne scar and wrinkle reduction. Non-ablative resurfacing keeps the skin intact, stimulates collagen growth and tightens the underlying skin. It is ideal for patients who prefer a milder treatment approach with less downtime and no risk of skin infection. This requires an in person consultation

$780 · 3 hours

Hydra Facial- the original

Cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate. Boosters available to add on.

$170 · 45 minutes

New! Teen acne hydrafacial

18 and under

$149 · 45 minutes

ResurFx Face

Nonablative laser skin resurfacing treatment that reduces facial wrinkles and lines, diminishes skin irregularities such as pigmentation and acne scars. Effective laser treatment for people who want cleaner, softer, younger-looking skin. Correction of sun damage. This is typically done in a series of three sessions one month apart for the most effective dermal improvement. Skin texture is markedly improved, especially when combined with medical grade skin care. Stretch marks, scars, wrinkles all show excellent improvement, particularly when these are attended to early in their development.

3 Options

ZO Glow Ultra Simulation Facial. Aloe, brightening and hydration in one

Ultra Facial Treatment is designed specifically to target dry, dehydrated skin to restore hydration, and to provide soothing, coolong and calming comfort.

Starting at $140 · 45 minutes

RF miconeedling with RF neck tightening service same visit

$625 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Dermaplaning plus Hydra Masque

$115 · 1 hour 10 minutes


Sculptra Aesthetic is an FDA-approved injectable that helps gradually replace lost collagen—the most common protein in the body that is used to form a framework to support cell and tissue—for results that can last more than two years.

Price Varies · 1 hour 30 minutes

Dr. Marsala

MD Board Certified Emergency Medicine 2005 and 2015. Cosmetology License 1000’s of Hours of CME in EM and aesthetics. Trainer for other professionals in Aesthetics.