The necessity for tick control has become personal for me and my family. Seeing with my own eyes the personal struggles that my family has gone through with Lyme disease makes us want to help eradicate ticks & keep your family safe.
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Our Services

TICK'D OFF Organic Value Added Protection
Initial spray applied to the perimeter of home, structures, shrubs, trees and wooded areas bordering property. One time spray lasting roughly 30 days killing ticks, fleas and mosquitoes on contact while leaving a repellent to protect your family and keep your pets safe. Starting at $79 depending on your property size. Free quotes available.
LYME AWARNESS Special-Protection Plus+ (Yearly) May-Sept
Total of 5 treatments for your property. 100% natural organic solution applied to the exterior perimeter of home and structures also wooded boundaries near home including rock walls, trees, shrubs. Starting at $399 for the season depending on property size. A FREE quote is available. Special restrictions apply please call for information.
Thermal Mosquito Fogging
Thermal mosquito fogging using an all natural organic solution that's safe for pets and humans. Won't harm beneficial insects. Most effective way to kill and repel mosquitos and also repels ticks. Take your yard back and enjoy the outdoors this summer.

Our Staff

Jason Lovley
Owner of TICK'D OFF. Passionate and dedicated to your Family's safety and prevention from Lyme Disease.